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Using Online Video for Marketing

One of the most underused social media marketing tactics available today (I think) is the use of online video.  This outlet is quite versatile and has a number of potential uses in your SEO and Internet Marketing strategy.

There are really no limitations when it comes to the type of content you can publish for your online video marketing.  They can be blogs, photo slideshows, lectures, presentations, press releases, eBooks, or really anything else that you can think of.  It’s just important that you balance being informative and being entertaining, and making sure that the tone is appropriate for your target audience.  Another crucial consideration for your video marketing content is length.  Most viewers’ attention spans are quite short these days, so keeping your video short, and fast paced is your best bet for maintaining interest. 

You may think of online video marketing as a pricey endeavor, but in reality it doesn’t have to be.  Especially with the number of computers that now come equipped with built in cameras and microphones.  Using live video eliminates editing, thereby saving time and energy.  There are also a huge number of free sites available which allow you to upload and share your videos     quickly and easily.  This includes YouTube, Vimeo, Photobucket, and many others.  Most of these outlets include quick and simple tools for sharing on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and others.

With the more “traditional” social media outlets becoming somewhat overloaded these days, I believe that we will be seeing many more businesses looking to video marketing in the future.

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