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Twitter Tools Unlimited

Twitter is a great resource for online businesses.  You can tweet about specials and coupon offers.  Then other Twitters can RT (re-tweet) your information to their friends and family, expanding your network greatly.

Twitter has many amazing apps that are being produced each and every day.  There are thousands and thousands of twitter tools, that no one could ever have the time to use all of them.  It is important for us Internet Marketers to share the information we have.  I have found a few tools that are very helpful, that I use everyday when I manage my clients social media campaign on Twitter.

One tool that I really like is called HootSuite.  It is a great tool that you can use to post tweets to your twitter page.  In HootSuite you can access multiple clients twitter profiles on one platform, which is a huge time saver.  I don’t have to deal with logging-in and out of different client accounts multiple times a day.  HootSuite also lets you schedule tweets.  So if you have an important sale coming up and you want to remember to tweet about it, you can schedule a tweet and then have an email sent to you when the tweet is posted.  Another great aspect about HootSuite is it gives you access to twitter stats on one platform.  So you can manage your twitter accounts and see if your efforts are working all in one place.

Another Twitter tool that I like is Tweet Meme.  This is an add-on that you can post to your blog that makes it easy for readers to re-tweet your post.  This is a great way to expand your blog’s online presence and get more viewers. Check it out in the right hand corner.

The last tool I want to talk about, among the thousands that are available is called Social Mention.  It is a real-time social media search and analysis widget.  It displays all the twitter buzz on your site or on your blog.  There is also social media alerts that are like Google Alerts but for social media.  You can receive free daily email alerts of your brand, company, CEO, marketing campaign, or on a developing news story, a competitor, or the latest on a celebrity.

So let me know what you think about these tools! And don’t be afraid to post what tools you like below.  Twitter Tools are always being developed and they are great resources when you are managing your marketing through social media.  For more information on how to get a social media consultant view

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