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Some Great SEO Link Building Tips

To get your website to rank highly in Google’s rankings, you need great content focused around keywords, sure, but you need backlinks most of all. Backlinks are links from other sites to your site. Google counts up the number of links pointing your site as part of its algorithm, which it then uses to rank all the sites competing for particular keywords.

Now that you know what keywords are, how do you go about getting them? This is the challenging and time consuming aspect of the internet marketing business, but luckily there are many of ways to get links as long as you are willing to work hard for them.

First, you can post on forums. Put a link to your site in your signature, and try to work in natural links to your site within the post itself. Don’t be spammy, though, as the forum could ban you and delete your posts.

Second, comment on blogs. Blogs will often allow you to leave links to your own sites. Make sure the links are do-follow, though; otherwise they won’t give your website any benefit. Make sure your comments are topical and well written. The blog owner will be on the lookout for spam, and they could delete your comment if you don’t make it worthy and valuable.

Another way to get links is to trade with other webmasters. You each put a link to the other person’s site on your own site. Don’t do this too much, though, as Google will eventually penalize those links.

Finally, avoid buying links. This is a common practice, but Google looks down upon it. If Google finds out you are involved in the buying or selling of links, they could penalize your site and hurt its rankings.

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