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Product Reviews for my new Shopify Store – Is it too soon?

Nothing is more exciting than when customers begin to purchase goods from your new Shopify store. Receiving that first order can be an exhilarating experience! An important aspect of e-commerce is engaging with customers and learning how they use your products and what they like and dislike about it. Allowing customers to leave product reviews is one of the easiest ways to facilitate this conversation. But when exactly should you be incorporating this feature into your shop?



First and foremost, reviews give customers confidence in a product and your store, which in turn makes other customers more likely to purchase and recommend your products to others. Reviews also help improve search engine rankings, as they continuously give search engines new content to assess your store by. Check out this cool article “How Customer Reviews Boost SEO & Grow Organic Traffic” to learn more about the impact reviews have on search rankings.

A newly established store likely has no reviews or ratings, and having zero stars can detour browsers from converting into customers. While it may be awfully tempting to post the first few reviews as soon as possible, it is wise to wait until you’ve collected several reviews, and then publish them all at once. Having a few reviews can make a customer doubtful about a product, but having several can instill more confidence in their purchase.

To start collecting these early reviews, you’ll need to follow-up with your first customers. One of the most effective ways to receive initial reviews from first-time customers is to send a follow-up email 7 to 10 days to customers who have recently purchased a product from your store. By asking them to review their purchase, experience, and offer any feedback, you’re not only receiving a review but also demonstrating to your customer your interest and care for their feedback. Product reviews can help drive new business. If a friend recommends a restaurant, chances are you’re likely to try it out as well! The same philosophy applies here; more reviews, the better. Providing a coupon code in the email can also incentivize customers to leave a review.

Sound like a lot of work and follow-up? Not at all, especially when there are some great apps to help do the work for you!

Product Reviews App by Shopify is a free app that allows customers to submit product reviews. The process is easy: They simply click on the item they’ve purchased and input their review and rating.

The Product Review App is easy to customize and integrate with your website. It’s also very simple for customers to use, which is critical: a customer is not going to take the time to leave a review if it’s a complicated or time-consuming process.

Yotpo is another fantastic app that makes it even easier to engage with your customers via email and social media, and it also makes it easier for your customers to submit reviews. For example, Yotpo will automatically send an email to a customer following a purchase, suggesting that they write a review. The review can be completed directly in the email and will automatically upload to your site. The email can also show products similar to what the customer purchased, encouraging additional sales and helping to create repeat business.

You can also choose to include coupons in these emails, which provides an extra incentive to purchase. The emails are optimized for mobile as well, so your customers can easily leave a review even if they’re not on their desktop. Yotpo also offers Pro and Powerhouse packages, which provides additional features to engage with customers and increase conversion rates with social media integration, SEO enhancements, user-generated photos, and more.

Shopify’s Product Review App and Yotpo Lite are free, but the latter comes with very limited features. However, Yotpo offers several other packages that start at $25 per month and gives you the powerful tools mentioned above to enhance your sales and conversion rate. Yotpo is loved by over 150,000 Shopify store owners, so the investment is definitely worth a consideration.


Adding reviews to your Shopify Store is often an invaluable, critical way to increase conversion rates and improve SEO, leading to more customers and more sales. For these reasons, it is important that you leverage customer feedback to generate more business. Do you have questions about the review feature on your store page? Let us know in the comments!

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