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SEO Link Building – Why Content is King

Your website and the building of the World Wide Web in general is more than just throwing a bunch of links together and placing them on a page. That’s not what people are looking for, and what used to work in the past in terms of SEO no longer does.

The majority of people go online in search of information, and too many websites fail to deliver, leaving the webmaster wondering what it is he or she is doing wrong. Most readers do not go online specifically to place an order for a product, while some do. The best way to capture the best of them is to provide useful content, so that they can read about what they are interested in.

This gives your site search ability, making it easier for you to be found in the search engines. If you are displaying a good, useful article with a link in it to the product or service, your click-through rate will be much higher than it would be if you simply threw a banner on a webpage.

People do not want to be sold. They want to buy, and that buying is based on the information that is made available to them when they do the search. If website A and website B are offering the same product, but website B is the only one that contains detailed information, it will command a better click-through rate than A will.

When you are writing the content for your site, make sure you are effectively using good keywords and phrases, and make some of those keywords the links to your products or services where possible.

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