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SEO Link Building – 3 Things You Must Do

Link building is essential for good rankings in the search engines. There are some on-page SEO things you can do and should, but there is no way around SEO link building for top rankings.

The basis of link building is built on the foundation of keywords. The more competitive the keyword the more backlinks you will need. Conversely the less competitive your keyword is the fewer backlinks you need. Having said this, let’s look at three things you have to get when link building:

1. Do Follow – Some websites build an attribute into their code called “no follow.” This means they are instructing search engines not to count this as a backlink to your site. For SEO purposes this link is useless. Sometimes websites will tell you that outbound links are no-follow, you can still use the link for traffic but don’t waste your time for SEO.

2. Include Keyword in Anchor Text – This is a common mistake made by many people building links. The words “Click Here” are commonly used in error. If your keyword is “dog food” do your best to include those words in your anchor text. Not only does this help a reader distinguish where they are linking to, it also helps the search engines identify your keyword for rankings.

3. Diversify Links – Getting links from one source is a waste of link power. Search engines want to see relevant links from a variety of sources. Let’s say you use article directories for links, write 2 or 3 articles per directory. Then do a guest post for another website related to your site.

We only touched on backlinks, but these are the most important for SEO link building. This is the way it is until search engines change their ways.

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