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ProSEO Boston: Live Site Review

While it’s great to attend a seminar and get a bunch of tips and ideas, it’s not always easy to directly relate them to your specific niche, so the live site review served as a great way to get the audience involved and to see some real world suggestions on real world websites. Some SEOs in the audience were nice enough to share their websites and get a critique from the experts.

Tom Critchlow, Rand Fishkin & Mat Clayton reviewed 5 websites and offered specific tips and feedback for each one.

Merida Website


Merida is a B2B company that targets interior designers who want to use their rugs.

Advice from the experts:

  • Add a call to action on every page
  • Improve blog design – make it a gorgeous resource for design fans online (Something with large images like’s Big Picture Blog)
  • Sign up for Zemanta to get their content in front of bloggers
  • Organize meetups and use Follower Wonk to find interior designers on twitter
Leading Authorities

Leading Authorities Website


Leading Authorities is an event design firm that helps anyone running an event find speakers. They probably do other things as well but that was sort of the focus during the live site review. šŸ˜‰

Advice from the experts:

  • Enhance speaker profile pages and make them something the speakers themselves want to promote
  • Since they have a lot of videos, use video XML sitemaps
  • Create an embeddable contact widget that speakers can add to their own website or blog
Soccer Tickets Online Website

Soccer Tickets Online Website


Soccer Tickets Online is an affiliate marketing site that delivers deals on soccer tickets.

Advice from the experts:

  • Integrate Facebok comments and Facepile to build a social aspect to the site
  • Add Facebook activity to the homepage
  • Make the site less generic in terms of content and design
  • Create content that’s engaging. Modern SEO writing means not appearing to be writing for SEO
Sunglass Warehouse Website

Sunglass Warehouse Website


Sunglass Warehouse is an e-commerce website that sells affordable sunglasses.

Advice from the experts:

  • Make product reviews more visible and add user images with Gravatar
  • Ask bloggers directly what kind of content they want to link to
  • Reach out to sites on Google Places and let them know about Sunglass Warehouse widgets
  • Grab a URL for the company Facebook page
Costume Super Center Website

Costume Super Center Website


Costume Super Center is a e-commerce website that sells costumes.

Advice from the experts:

  • Make changes to the look and feel of the site to avoid having the “Panda” look
  • Remove banners that link to pop-ups and link to a page on the site instead
  • Reduce the amount of links above the fold on product pages
  • Create more customer friendly product pages with large and bold prices
  • Add customer photos of real people/customers wearing costumes on product pages
  • Tie social events with the products and tag products on Facebook photos

Relate These Tips to Your Own Website

This segment of the ProSEO Boston seminar generated a lot of really great ideas and tips and showed how they relate to actual website. It’s easy to find general tips about SEO and Social Media but it’s rare to see live applications of these ideas and how they relate to specific website.

I would like to personally thank everyone who volunteered their website for the Live Site Review. (And of course, thanks to Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz, Tom Critchlow of Distilled, and Mat Clayton of Mixcloud for being awesome.)

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Check back soon for more ProSEO Boston tips and insights!

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