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Pinterest Paves the Way for Business Participation

Do you absolutely love Pinterest? Do you own a business that inspires several of the topics for your Pinterest boards? Would you want to use pin boards to promote your company or business by sharing the visual inspiration of your progression? Well you’re in luck, because Pinterest has launched a new set of resources and tools designed specifically for businesses and entrepreneurs.

For a company to create a Pinterest business account, all they have to do is enter a business name and verify their own Website with a hidden line of code provided by Pinterest. Upon verification of the code, a business will receive a badge on their Pinterest profile to attract authenticated attention from other Pinterest users. If a company already has a Pinterest account, it is as simple as going to the Pinterest Business site and clicking on the red “Convert your Existing Account” button on the front page.

As part of the sign-up process, Pinterest encourages companies to add Pin It and Follow buttons to their sites so that customers and followers can easily access their pin boards. A whole new feature called Widgets will allow both companies and individuals to embed widgets for showcasing pins. These tools are fantastic for sharing the images and photographs that highlight the everyday functions and achievements of a business.

Having launched in early November 2012, the concept of Pinterest for Business is still new, but has gained an impressive amount of interest. The Pinterest for Business concept has gained many new users because of the microsite that Pinterest launched along with the new sign-up ability. The microsite features case studies that show new members how other companies are utilizing Pinterest, including Etsy, Petplan and Jetsetter.

As a bonus and integral marketing tool for businesses, Pinterest has included a guide on how to use the Pinterest brand in marketing materials.  Since the Pinterest platform for business is still in its infancy, the company aims to create a model that enhances the user experience, as affirmed by product manager Cat Lee. Seeing as Pinterest was valued at $1.5 billion in May 2012, causing the company to raise $100 million in funding, we’re sure the improvement and user interface design enhancement of the business platform will no doubt become an important investment.

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