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Guest Posting for SEO Backlinks

The problem with common link building methods – blog commenting, link directories, article marketing, etc. – are that they are too easily available. Literally anyone can do them, and even do them in an automated fashion, making their overall impact less beneficial for your website. The true power and secret behind backlinks is getting some that no one else can get, or at least backlinks that are more challenging to get than the standard array. One way to get these types of SEO backlinks is to guest post on other people’s blogs and websites.

These links are amazing because you’ll get them within the content of someone’s blog or website, not simply on a sidebar, footer, or blog comment. These are more high value due to their context within someone’s website, passing more PageRank to your site as a result.

To get these links, you need to be a bit more social. First, you need to find all the blogs and websites in your niche. Next, contact the webmasters or owners of these sites and offer to write them a guest post in exchange for a link. Webmasters crave content, so they will often be willing to take that free content in exchange for a link or two to your website within the content. Don’t be offended or discouraged if some people deny your idea, though, as this will happen occasionally.

When you write the article, make sure it’s high quality. The webmaster will expect that the article will help their site in some way, so you need to make sure that it will attract and hold readers. Repeat this process as often as possible and you’ll be accruing awesome backlinks to your sites in no time!

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