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How The Hummingbird Google Algorithm Update Will Affect SEO

On Sept. 26, Google revamped its system of guiding searchers to the content they seek. According to Search Engine Land, the introduction of a new algorithm, called “Hummingbird,” marks Google’s biggest modification in 12 years.

Before you begin devising a brand-new SEO scheme to make the most of the changes, bear in mind that Hummingbird will not necessarily hurt your site’s position in search results. In fact, Google instituted the change about two months ago, so any effects already would have been noticed.

What is Hummingbird?

Google has been a bit ambiguous about the concept behind Hummingbird. According to Search Engine Land, Google now analyzes every single word entered into searches in order to better understand the concept behind a search rather than the meaning of only a few keywords.

Google also mentioned that voice-activated searches will be more efficient due to Hummingbird. This may be because people speak in a more conversational style than they type.

Also, Hummingbird better integrates a searcher’s shared information into the results. For example, if a person has shared his or her address and enters “iPhone 5s for sale,” the results will contain vendors near the searcher’s home.

Despite  the Google algorithm change, SEO still is very much alive and kicking.

This certainly is not the first occasion that rumors spread about SEO being relegated to the scrap heap. However, Google stated that webmasters have nothing to fear, and Hummingbird only will help push the most relevant content to the top results. As long as websites feature unique and useful copy, they should be good to go.

Google’s main goal is to guide searchers to the content they seek.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of an SEO strategy, webmasters must realize that the goal of the techys at Google is to guide people to the information that they seek as swiftly as possible. That’s why the new system is called “Hummingbird;” it’s fast and precise.

This always has been the goal; Google’s just getting better at it.

Before the algorithm updates of the last few years, SEO agencies would practice black-hat techniques to move irrelevant websites to the top of organic search results. These strategies included keyword stuffing and link schemes. Today, these strategies may result in a Google penalty, entirely removing the webpage from the results.

Keep the quality content coming.

Many Internet based businesses realized significant losses after Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, so it’s no surprise that Hummingbird has been met with such skepticism and worry. However, it’s no secret that Internet marketing now is centered on producing quality content. SEOs that have accepted this philosophy should have nothing to fear from Hummingbird.

Although Hummingbird changes how Google functions, the effects will not be as pronounced as Panda and Penguin updates of the past. Focus on publishing useful, quality content and Hummingbird will be good to you.

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