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Fun Tricks on Google

Google is nearly everyone’s go-to search engine whenever they want to look something up, find a certain product, or just do some good old browsing (hence the term ‘Googling’). But who knew that behind its ability to pick out the most relevant and informative sites, was a world of quirky tricks and pranks that can make for hours of fun and hilarious practical jokes? We’ve highlighted some of the best ones to try out that even Harry Houdini would be proud of!

See how fast Google can get you giggling:

Using this version of Google will create a mirror image of your Google page. The folks at Elgoog came up with this one, which can be a confusing but hilarious prank to set up on someone else’s computer.

Like colors? Lots of them? Then Google Rainbow is bound to put a smile on your face. This version of Google is brought to you by Rainbow Google will make whatever text you are typing change color, letting you fulfill your dream search through the ”I’m feeling colorful” option.

Shake your screen up a little with this trick, making your Google search look like a badly scanned document. Just type “tilt” in the search field and watch your screen tip.

Check out Google Gravity if you’re up for a bit of entertainment when using the search engine. This trick lets you throw around the Google elements and watch them fall to the bottom of your screen due to the “force of gravity.”

A tongue-in-cheek rendition of Google, this version lets you type in a query that will give you the URL of your search. Meant for the lazy type, you can send this “favor” on to a friend as a joke.

This version of Google is designed to take over your screen. The name “” is telling, as even just the logo ends up taking up most of the screen.

The opposite of Epic Google, this version shrinks all the text on your screen to the point that you can barely see what you are typing in the search field. Definitely a funny prank, but not one to play on the far-sighted!

Check out all the doodled versions of the Google logo through this link.  These designs have been placed on the site to commemorate an historical event, a birthday or any other well-known occasion, and fun to browse through when killing time.

Type “do a barrel roll” into Google’s search bar and you’ll be in for a treat. Go on, just do it!


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