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Flickr Improves Your Website’s Personal Presence

Many people think that image and video hosting websites, like Flickr and YouTube, can only be used for personal and entertainment purposes.  But that is not always the case.  Flickr can be a great photo sharing website that helps you to get the word out about your business, website, and the activities that are going on around your area and in your industry. 



Flickr is a way that you can tell a visual story about what is going on at your business.  Maybe you got a new brand that you want to take a picture of to show your customers or just the world.  Maybe something funny happened with one of your employees and you want to share the photo, to make a statement that says, “This place isn’t just about business… We can have fun too!”

Another fantastic way to use a photo sharing website like Flickr is around town where your business is located.  Getting out of your store and taking pictures of your local neighborhood to let people know what is happening in your area, is a nice way to connect with customers.  Let’s face it, keeping people informed is the whole reason the internet was originally created after all!

You can explore the Flickr blogs, as well as, information groups that have to do with your industry.  By interacting with people who are interested in the same products your business provides is a good way to get people connected with your website, your blog, and other avenues of your social media marketing.

However, it is important not to use Flickr as strictly a marketing tool.  Flickr very much frowns upon people who post pictures that are constantly dropping links or linking their pictures to their blog.  Just have fun with this photo sharing website, use it to keep people interested in your business and getting to know your personal voice! 

So try it out.  Post a few pictures and if it doesn’t work after a good try, Flickr is also a wonderful resource to share your personal photos to your friends and family.  For more ways to market your business online visit

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