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Facebook Trends – Users and Ages Go Up and Up

Well because “The Social Network” (the Facebook movie) came out today, it only seems fitting to write more about Facebook today.  I know I did last week too, but with all the hype around this movie our blog is deserving of some social media content too. 

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Founder

Since Facebook was launched in February 2004 it has grown into a powerful social networking machine.  There are more than 500 million active users and more than 50% of those users log into Facebook on a given day!

That is a huge number of people dropping by the same site to chat with friends, to find out the latest trends and news, or just to browse pictures and messages.  On average all Facebook users spend more than 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook!  While spending all that time on this social media site, statistics show people are also staying active on the site as well.  The average user creates 90 pieces of content each month.  So we see that not only are people active users, but they’re also engaged users too. 

But maybe you think your customer base is too old for Facebook.  Wrong you are!  Users 55+ are the fastest growing age group on Facebook, with a 922.7% growth.  Many parents or grandparents are signing up for the social networking site, to stay connected with family and friends.  So it is no wonder more and more businesses are joining Facebook too.

Never before have we seen a site that will bring this many different groups of people together.  So go see “The Social Network” and remember what life was like before this social networking website existed.  For many of us that is too far back to remember, and the impact Facebook made on our lives is forever changing how we connect, interact, and relate to our friends and family.

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