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Effectively Use Facebook for Your Company

Social Media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace can be an intimidating place for a lot of small business owners.  But all are important because social media marketing is an excellent form of communication for both large and small businesses.  It is a great way to brand your business, as well as, keep people informed of what is going on in your industry and company.


Social media marketing sites, like Facebook, let the small guys compete with the big dogs to get their name out there.  As effective as these websites can be it is important to remember a few rules when it comes to the social media arena.

Don’t treat Facebook as a place to just push those sales.  Use it as a place to make connections with your old and possibly new customers.  Many Facebook users will see right through you if you are just pushing sales all the time and will not respond positively to your efforts.

But that’s not to say that you won’t make sales from your Facebook fan page.  Many companies use social media marketing websites to boost their bottom line, and it definitely works.  It’s important that when you establish that communication with your customers, keep them informed about your next sale or those special offers! Give them unique family and friends coupon codes that will make them feel as though that offer was given just for them.

Next rule is to use Facebook wisely.  Use it as another tool to spread your company’s viral videos, press releases, or blog posts.  Use Facebook to leverage more information out to your audience, so they will feel connected to that voice behind your company.

Another important tip for Facebook is to keep your posts fun and light-hearted.  By doing so it will help to receive positive feelings from your fan base.  By not taking those social media marketing efforts too seriously, it’ll seem as though you are on the site for the same reason as your fans.

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