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Essential Tools for E-Mail Marketing

Although some business owners may be skeptical about the viability and efficiency of email marketing, it can be a powerful tool. Spamming is a huge problem for email marketers, but it can be avoided when emails are artfully constructed. Below are some key factors and supportive tools for creating effective and lucrative email marketing strategies for your business.

Understand your medium and its processes

Make sure that you have researched the methods of email marketing to ensure that you understand the network in which you are functioning. It is important that you are aware of the type of marketing that will appeal on a computer screen, and that making a fantastic offer for the product you are trying to sell is key. A basic “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” offer can work very well, as can a “Deal of the Day” type  of offer. Dan Lok’s article How To Create Compelling E-mail Offers That Sell Like Crazy provides some good tips and advice. The bottom line is that you want to make it easy for customers to respond and click on links to obtain your offer; don’t waste their time with extra steps and loopholes that will just frustrate them.

Visuals are everything

Consider your target audience and their visual preferences. This means that the layout of your email advertisements should appeal to your customers, whether it be very simple with clean lines, or ornate and highly stylized. Conducting research on the opinions, tendencies and preferences of your audience will help you choose the type of visual displays to appeal to your audience in your marketing venture. Internet users are bombarded with images,  so making your email advertisement something that will catch a particular customer’s eye is the ticket to a successful campaign. The Litmus Design Preview tool is great for checking out the appearance of your email ad before you send it.


The text and formatting of your email are significant to its effectiveness. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are all extremely important when editing and finalizing your written material. Format your email to the correct width and space for the customer’s screen. If you are new to formatting, Carbon Graffiti offers a service for design custom templates.

Measure campaign results and follow up

Keep track of the efficiency of your email marketing campaigns by measuring the results on a regular basis. Checking click-through rates, reviewing new subscribers and following-up on which links were clicked by whom, will allow you to tailor your future campaigns for the most success. Google Analytics is a great tool for this, allowing you to watch the step-by-step progress of your campaign. Automated sign-up messages, opt-put buttons/links in each email and constant communication with your customer will also gain their confidence for keeping them spam free. Other useful and simple tips on successful email marketing will help you to get started.

Do you know of any great tools for email marketing? If so please share in the comments below.

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