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Social Media Marketing

The Boom in Advertising through Social Media

Have you been slightly surprised recently when you walked into your neighborhood business and were reminded that if you had clicked “Like” on Facebook, that business would have given you 20% off your purchase that day? Utilization of social media is nothing new when it comes to big business and nationwide corporations, but it seems to be catching on with even the smallest of operations. It’s obvious that social media is becoming common culture … [Read more...]

Branching Out Into New Social Media Networks

We’ve talked about some of the most popular social networks on the Web here on our WebFly blog, with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as the official stars. We’ve offered up some interesting statistics, anthropological studies and user tips for our readers, keeping you up-to-date on the latest developments in social media tools for your marketing strategies. Today, however, we’ve decided to introduce you to some lesser-known social media … [Read more...]

Pinterest Paves the Way for Business Participation

Do you absolutely love Pinterest? Do you own a business that inspires several of the topics for your Pinterest boards? Would you want to use pin boards to promote your company or business by sharing the visual inspiration of your progression? Well you’re in luck, because Pinterest has launched a new set of resources and tools designed specifically for businesses and entrepreneurs. For a company to create a Pinterest business account, all they … [Read more...]

Why We Love Justuno – Social Media Bribing Rockstar

Looking for new and creative ways to enhance the performance of our clients’ websites is one of the most exciting parts of my job. As I’ve recently been focusing on improving newsletter subscriptions, I’ve been looking for a tool or plug-in that would grab visitor's attention by popping-up on a client’s website, offering an enticing newsletter subscription offers.  That’s when I discovered Justuno. It is a fantastic new social media marketing … [Read more...]

What are the Psychological Effects of Social Media?

So you sit down to lunch with a good friend, looking forward to catching up and hearing the latest gossip. To your unpleasant surprise, however, your friend’s eyes are glued to an iPhone screen, and it’s almost as if your every attempt at conversation is met with a reluctant disengagement from a device that seems to contain the world in its entirety. You find this beyond annoying, and you wind up eating your meal quickly so you can end the … [Read more...]

What Is Facebook Doing to Our Brains?

Facebook affects nearly everyone who has access to the Internet, boasting a massive 800 million users worldwide. It is the preferred method of communication for many, and” “Facebooking” has become more popular than making phone calls. Facebook has permeated our lives to the extent that simple words such as “post,” “like” and “status” have become more associated with their implications in the social network, than with their original definitions. … [Read more...]

Knowing Your Business on Facebook

Facebook is stronger than ever in its attachment to our daily lives, having extended itself from a mere social hub into a veritable business strategy for almost any industry. To keep things interesting, Facebook updates itself; the latest change on the platform is the reworked timeline setting for personal, community and business profiles. Making sure you familiarize yourself with the new setup is necessary to ensure that your business timeline … [Read more...]

Pin-spiration Made Easy

Pinterest is gaining ground in the world of social media, and you can bet that companies in-the-know are catching onto this trend fast. Brands that recognize and understand their audiences are especially quick to follow up with the benefits of any new network, and Pinterest has already identified its target market:  the demographic of Pinterest users consists largely of women, whose main interests include decorating, fashion and food. The … [Read more...]

Why You Should Opt for Social Media Marketing

Social Media is defined as the set of mobile and web-based technologies that allow communities, businesses and individuals to communicate and interact digitally. More and more internet users are jumping on the bandwagon of social media networks.  Social media is replacing many other types of communication. Using social media increases the visibility of your company and is a very effective and worthwhile business strategy. Since the internet … [Read more...]

Pinterest is Climbing Up the Social Media Ladder

In a recent report on the popularity of social networking sites in the US, the photo-sharing site Pinterest ranked third after Facebook and Twitter. The study was carried out by the global information services group Experian, which revealed this finding in its 2012 Digital Marketer Report. Launched in March 2010, Pinterest is a site which allows users to organize and share their visual inspirations and ideas by pinning photos to a “virtual pin … [Read more...]



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