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CRO vs. SEO for my Shopify Store – Which One Should I Prioritize?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aren’t simply buzzwords: they have a real impact on the success of your Shopify store. Both of these factors go hand in hand: you need SEO to drive traffic, but if you don’t provide the optimal user experience and encourage purchase behavior, visitors simply won’t convert into customers — and won’t generate any revenue for your store. As a new business owner, your resources … [Read more...]

5 Simple Web Design Trends To Refresh Your Site

You could have the best content and marketing plan on the planet. If you don’t have the right design to package it all together, you’re not going to get very far. After all, we’re visual creatures, which often makes us more inclined to buy a product or use a service if we like what we see. To be honest, web design can be pretty intimidating, and just like everything else, it can be hard to keep up with the trends. We’re here to tell you that you … [Read more...]

Cut Your Workweek in Half

I work in an office where technological efficiency and speed are vital. As such, I am always on the lookout for new ways to make my day more productive. Two strategies in particular have substantially reduced the amount of time that it takes me to perform almost every task: 1. Keyboard shortcuts 2. Simple, yet powerful productivity software Until about a week ago, I thought that most people knew about these tools and shortcuts, … [Read more...]


“EcoCommerce adds an ecological dimension to the economy and is a new discipline for one of the planet’s biggest issues: how can we value the economic and life-giving services that our planet has provided free for millenniums.” –Tim Gieseke, author of EcoCommerce 101 A significant percentage of upper middle-class consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their environmental impact on the earth, and realizing that they can make a difference … [Read more...]

What are the Psychological Effects of Social Media?

So you sit down to lunch with a good friend, looking forward to catching up and hearing the latest gossip. To your unpleasant surprise, however, your friend’s eyes are glued to an iPhone screen, and it’s almost as if your every attempt at conversation is met with a reluctant disengagement from a device that seems to contain the world in its entirety. You find this beyond annoying, and you wind up eating your meal quickly so you can end the … [Read more...]

What Is Facebook Doing to Our Brains?

Facebook affects nearly everyone who has access to the Internet, boasting a massive 800 million users worldwide. It is the preferred method of communication for many, and” “Facebooking” has become more popular than making phone calls. Facebook has permeated our lives to the extent that simple words such as “post,” “like” and “status” have become more associated with their implications in the social network, than with their original definitions. … [Read more...]

Fun Tricks on Google

Google is nearly everyone’s go-to search engine whenever they want to look something up, find a certain product, or just do some good old browsing (hence the term ‘Googling’). But who knew that behind its ability to pick out the most relevant and informative sites, was a world of quirky tricks and pranks that can make for hours of fun and hilarious practical jokes? We’ve highlighted some of the best ones to try out that even Harry Houdini would … [Read more...]

Knowing Your Business on Facebook

Facebook is stronger than ever in its attachment to our daily lives, having extended itself from a mere social hub into a veritable business strategy for almost any industry. To keep things interesting, Facebook updates itself; the latest change on the platform is the reworked timeline setting for personal, community and business profiles. Making sure you familiarize yourself with the new setup is necessary to ensure that your business timeline … [Read more...]

How Google Works

Statistics show that nearly 90% of web users who employ search engines regularly choose Google as their tool of choice, yet most of these web users do not understand  how Google finds the information they are looking for.  Since the construct of the web affects what information is found through a search, the selection of a search engine affects the success of distributing any particular information. It is therefore becoming imperative for … [Read more...]

WebFly named to Philadelphia top 100

Every year, Philadelphia 100 honors the fastest growing privately held companies in the Philadelphia area.  This program was founded in the late 1980s with the intention of drawing awareness to the impact that entrepreneurs have on the culture and economy of the city.  This distinction is not given out frivolously, and continues to be one of the most coveted awards in the city.  More than 350 small businesses were nominated for 2011, but only the … [Read more...]



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