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Branching Out Into New Social Media Networks

We’ve talked about some of the most popular social networks on the Web here on our WebFly blog, with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as the official stars. We’ve offered up some interesting statistics, anthropological studies and user tips for our readers, keeping you up-to-date on the latest developments in social media tools for your marketing strategies.

Today, however, we’ve decided to introduce you to some lesser-known social media networks that might inspire you to branch out from the usual ones. Don’t get us wrong though – we’re not telling you to leave the 900 million users on Facebook and 500 million users on Twitter; just try out something new that might add to your social media marketing tactics.

1. Sgrouples

Sgrouples is essentially the more private version of Facebook, where you interact with people within small social group. The network allows you to post content to different groups based on your interests and lifestyle, with unprecedented privacy controls. Sgrouples also features one-to-one communication with your contacts, integration of info from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and up to 4 GB of free cloud storage for uploading and sharing files.
2. Goodreads

For authors or companies (especially in publishing) aiming to appeal to readers, Goodreads was built for you. The site allows users to build virtual bookshelves with all the books they have read – or want to read. Members can also read reviews of books on other users’ shelves, as well as contribute their own reviews.
3. Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a social network made up of members within a neighborhood. Users need a physical house address to sign up, which then places them in a hyper-local network that allows them to make postings and meet locals with similar interests and hobbies. Nextdoor aims to connect people in real life via the means of an initial online meeting, and users have access to privacy settings in order to protect their homes.
4. 43 Things

This social network is a fun place to motivate yourself or someone else to reach personal goals. The site allows users to list goals that can be shared with the entire network, so that people can cheer each other on in order to accomplish their goals.

The prime social media network for music lovers is, which allows users to download software that enables them to listen to any file of digital music on various media players. The music files are also used to recommend bands that are similar in style, as well as to connect users with similar musical tastes to each other. also allows users to interact with other friends so that they can see what friends have been listening to, and share tracks through the inbuilt messaging service.

What are some of your favorite social networks that I haven’t covered?

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