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Bid Management Software: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Search Enging Marketing

I’ll admit it I am very skeptical when it comes to bid management software to help manage my pay per click accounts.  The idea of a robot going into my PPC campaigns in the middle of the night and messing with my bids and ad positions is frightening to me.  Many other paid search managers who I have worked with have expressed that they fell the same way.  Call us control freaks, but there is definitely something unsettling about someone or something messing with your PPC masterpiece, that you have worked so hard to create.

I have worked with PPC management software like Marin and Aquisio. Both are great tools for reporting and building information for your clients.  But as I have been diving more into the bid and keyword management tools, I’m seeing that this software isn’t so scary after all.  I am starting to adopt it into my daily pay per click management routine and if you have felt the same way you should get over the phobia too!

When you work with a system that will scan your entire account for rules that you have set up, whether it’s to control quality score, ad position, and cost per click, it is done in an efficient manner.  Many PPC Managers will begin to hate their jobs when they have to look at spreadsheet after spreadsheet of boring keywords and analyze the data.  With the bid management software you can let the tools do all the work for you.  Remember the robot doesn’t get tired and need a coffee break when scanning through endless spreadsheets of keywords.

Ok so back to the control freak thing… I know many of you are thinking (including me), what if the robot makes a mistake?  Well, simple! What is also great about these paid search tools is they allow you to see the changes before they are made.  So you can go into the data that is stored, after the pay per click management software did all the sorting and work for you, and see exactly what changes need to be made in the account.

With all the good that bid management tools can do for your campaigns, I am slowly starting to let bid management software come into my PPC management life.  But I have seen some ugly issues happen to others using this software, so the only bad warning statement that I’ll leave you with is review the changes.

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