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Is AdCenter REALLY Ready for the Challenge?


I’m not sure yet if I’m surprised about this or if I expected something like this to happen.  Yesterday when trying to access AdCenter using Google Chrome, a message popped up that said “Current Browser Not Supported.”  I was not able to sign in to my MSN account using the Chrome browser, to manage my PPC accounts.  

So I wondered why did this happened? Is Microsoft AdCenter really up for the challenge to compete with the “big dog” Google Adwords?  Or is this Google Adwords /Microsoft AdCenter feud that strong that one product won’t support the other? And finally I asked is this a Google problem or an AdCenter problem? 

Interestingly enough AdCenter did give me a list of browsers that were compatible with their system.  As I started to look into what browsers were missing I noticed it wasn’t only Google Chrome.  Microsoft does not support Safari.  It also doesn’t support Mac, Virtual PC and mobile phones!  That is a huge problem!  For Microsoft AdCenter not to support Mac, I was baffled by this!  How could the second largest online marketing center  not be compatitble with Mac? Which answered my question… that is why they’re second for search engine marketing.

As I did a little more research into this I found that some people have had trouble accessing Microsoft AdCenter using IE8 as well, even though it is said to be supported.  And this issue is not recent it has been going on long before the merger with Yahoo ever happened. 

It definitely is not a Google problem. I mean let’s face it, Google doesn’t have to compete with anyone for business.  Even when you download Chrome it asks you what search engine you want to use Google, Yahoo, or Bing?

I think we can conclude that this is an AdCenter issue one that I hope they will address and fix within the near future.  For more news and information about online marketing continue to visit our blog, or for help with your online marketing visit our website,

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