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A Few SEO Link Building Tips

Everyone in SEO, from the newbie to the veteran, is on the lookout for new SEO link building tips. It can hardly be argued that having strong inbound links to your website is essential for good search engine results. The trick of all tricks in the trade is how to get as many of them as you can without getting the dreaded “Google slap.”

First of all, as Matt Cutts succinctly put it, “Content is king.” While this is certainly true, it honestly also has to be said that “Distribution is queen.” These days, it isn’t enough to simply have a blog on your website to keep it supplied with fresh content. Going only this far with link building is the difference between fishing with a rod and reel versus commercial net fishing; not to mention that you’d be the only rod and reel fisherman in an ocean of net fishers. Waiting for traffic and hoping that they’ll put a back link to your site just isn’t going to work.

* Article marketing is the backbone of successful link building campaigns. Submitting articles to article directories, making sure to link back to your page in the author’s bio, provides a respectable start in most link building strategies.

* Video marketing is a strong addition to your link building strategy. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and most video sites are well trusted by Google. Of course, link back to your page.

* Bookmark everything! Bookmark every blog post, every article and every video, and not just once or twice. Many bookmarking services will provide 100 bookmarks per month to EACH piece of content.

These are just a few of the things you can do to seriously improve your rankings with link building.

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