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The Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance Begins!


On October 11, Microsoft adCenter will begin to take over power of Yahoo’s PPC Marketing Solutions. Ever since this partnership was made last year, the PPC and search engine marketing community has wondered how this alliance will work.  Well we are about to find out and hopefully will be delighted by the PPC results

Yahoo! and Microsoft have formed this search team in hopes to take on the search engine powerhouse Google.  Both companies are aiming to help searchers find relevant results faster and provide more value for advertisers. By combining the efforts of both of these companies, Yahoo! and Microsoft are hoping to create a competitive choice in PPC search engine marketing and organic results.

So how will this effect your paid search accounts?  You will have to transition over to using the Microsoft adCenter platform.  The Yahoo! Transition Center should have helped you do this so your PPC account will be transitioned properly.  Microsoft adCenter also provides a transition tool that will help you move your campaigns into adCenter.

Once your paid search account is completely transitioned into adCenter you will gain the benefits of having a combined audience of over 159 million searchers in the United State.  You will be able to use a single platform, to manage your campaigns faster and more easily.  You only have to have one bid and your ad will reach all of Yahoo! Search, Bing, and other partner sites and networks.

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