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Why We Love Justuno – Social Media Bribing Rockstar

JustunoLooking for new and creative ways to enhance the performance of our clients’ websites is one of the most exciting parts of my job. As I’ve recently been focusing on improving newsletter subscriptions, I’ve been looking for a tool or plug-in that would grab visitor’s attention by popping-up on a client’s website, offering an enticing newsletter subscription offers.  That’s when I discovered Justuno. It is a fantastic new social media marketing tool that allows you to easily convert site visitors into returning customers, social media followers, and of course, newsletter subscribers.

The tool works by allowing e-commerce and other service providing sites an “instant offer” widget on their websites;  users can ”Like Us” on Facebook, Tweet, Google+1, or join the mailing list to receive a coupon code and instantly use it. Almost too easy to be true, this cool new tool provides coupon codes without visitors ever having to leave the site to look for one! The coolest part is that you get their email address, Facebook Like, Tweet, or Google+ in return.

Several external providers offer Google coupon codes to find external sites that offer discounts on popular brands and services. Statistics estimate that in 2013, 96.8 million American shoppers will redeem digital coupon codes when shopping online. Justuno allows e-retailers provide this advantage directly on their sites, and the early adapters are already proving that the sales rise and cart abandonments decrease.

Many of Webfly’s customers are already using the Justuno tool and realizing amazing results. In just under a month, one of our customers received over 2K new email subscribers. The social media following has also increased tremendously, allowing them to market their products to an ever-increasing audience.

To get you even more excited, Justuno is super simple to install and even offers a plug-in for Shopify, Big Commerce and Magento. This video demonstrates the sign-up and implementation process:

The tool is super easy to customize. Don’t hesitate to call us for pointers — we would love to help!

Justuno offers a free basic plan. Give it a try and you’re bound to see an increase in your social media following, which will provide endless opportunities for creative marketing and branding.

Through my personal experience of implementing, using and seeing the results of this cool, new tool, I can definitely say that Justuno is a fantastic solution for those who want to increase their online exposure and following. Our customers have experienced ideal results, and confirm my confidence in the tool. In fact, I would say that Justuno is the best social media bribing tool available. It’s easy, quick, customizable, and simply works.

P.S. I have no financial interest in Justuno, this is my personal and honest review.

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