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Trademarked Terms: To Bid Or Not To Bid

I am asked quite frequently as a PPC Manager from clients who want to know why they should bid on their own branded keywords.   They are unsure why they should bid on keywords that they are ranking for free anyway.  Many people are often against it until they understand the reasoning.  Here are a few reason why bidding on your Trademark Pay-Per-Click terms is a good idea.

Google Algorithm

The first reason to bid on your trademark keywords is to protect your brand.  Search engines allow competitors and/or affiliates to bid on virtually any trademarked term.  Whether you think it is “unethical” or not, it happens and it is quite common practice.  So bidding on your own PPC Trademarked keywords is the first step to “owning” yourself and your brand.

The next reaso to bid on your trademarked terms is it will help improve your Google Adwords quality score.  By bidding and bidding high on your company and the brand name it will increase the rank of your branded ad.  Your competitors will not be able to keep up with what you bid and you will actually pay pennies because of the relevancy of your ad matches the Google PPC Algorithm that contributes to ad position.

Finally multiple studies show that when you are ranked for not only the natural but also paid search result there is an increase in clicks and conversions.  There have been studies done by Enquiro Research, Omniture, and NYU Stern that agree with these pay per click strategy management findings.

But like with everything in PPC you learn and decide what is best for your brand through experience.  Every company is different so by testing out the trademark campaign you can determine if the bottom line is effected.  For more information about pay per click management continue to visit our blog.  Also if you need help managing your paid search account visit WebFly today.

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