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PPC Management

Trademarked Terms: To Bid Or Not To Bid

I am asked quite frequently as a PPC Manager from clients who want to know why they should bid on their own branded keywords.   They are unsure why they should bid on keywords that they are ranking for free anyway.  Many people are often against it until they understand the reasoning.  Here are a few reason why bidding on your Trademark Pay-Per-Click terms is a good idea. The first reason to bid on your trademark keywords is to protect … [Read more...]

The Importance of Negative Keywords in PPC

When it comes to managing your pay-per-click account it is important to not only think about “wanted” clicks, but also “unwanted” clicks.  Of course, you are using PPC campaigns to build traffic to your website, but it’s important to consider are those people arriving at your website through your pay-per-click ads who you want to click through. In order to combat those unwanted clicks it is very important to do research and come up with a good … [Read more...]

Bid Management Software: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

I’ll admit it I am very skeptical when it comes to bid management software to help manage my pay per click accounts.  The idea of a robot going into my PPC campaigns in the middle of the night and messing with my bids and ad positions is frightening to me.  Many other paid search managers who I have worked with have expressed that they fell the same way.  Call us control freaks, but there is definitely something unsettling about someone or … [Read more...]

A Few Common PPC Mistakes

Since I started at WebFly I have been working mostly on the Social Media end of Internet Marketing.  This week; however, I started my first PPC project.  I have worked in the Internet Marketing world since I graduated college, and have been a PPC or SEM manager through out the years.  So my expertise lies in Pay-Per-Click management. There are many common mistakes that I have seen through out my years of managing paid search accounts.  The … [Read more...]

Meet The Blogger

Hello I’m Megan and you are going to be seeing my posts here more often.  When I was thinking about what to write I wanted to do an introduction, so I thought a great title for my first post would be “Meet The Blogger.”  So I get to do what everyone “loves” to do right, talk about themselves?  Ughhh… Ok now what to say. Well here at WebFly, I am a Social Media and Pay Per Click account manager.  We provide our clients with Internet Marketing … [Read more...]



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