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So You Think You Want to be an Entrepreneur?


Entrepreneur. Work from anywhere.

So you’re an entrepreneur, eh?  It’s been your dream to own your own business and be your own boss for as long as you can remember.  Now you’ve actually put your plans in motion and have started a company of your very own.  But what do you do when there are millions of others out there just like you with the same goals, dreams, and ambitions.  It’s no secret that most small business fail so how are you going to make sure that you succeed?
From a young age we are all conditioned to be ‘normal’.  We’re told to behave, fit in, do as we’re told, and avoid participating in any questionable activities or behaviors.  But if you’re going to be successful (both in business and in life) don’t you have to stand out from the crowd?  Nobody builds a successful brand or business by being just like everyone else.  In this SEO game, it seems like most of the players are simply looking to the big shots to show us what to do.  We model our own strategies after what has already proven successful for others.  This strategy is ok to get you started, but long tern you will never be anything more than mediocre if you continue this way.  You will never become the best at anything by always looking to someone else for answers.
The SEO game is so new that we are really still figuring out how it works.  You can really make your own rules, and that’s what it’s all about when you’re working for yourself.  But first you MUST know the industry inside and out.  Regardless of what type of business you are in, there are some important qualities that all entrepreneurs must possess.    Stay tunes for our next entry where we will go deeper into what makes a successful (and a not so successful) entrepreneur.


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