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SEOmoz Webinar Review: Connecting the Dots – Social Media for the SEO

Last Thursday I attended a webinar hosted by Jen Lopez and Erica McGillivray of SEOmoz.  The webinar was entitled, “Connecting the Dots: Social Media for the SEO” and it was surprisingly insightful!  Usually I tend to find webinars on social media to be boring, way too introductory and overrun with information that should be common sense to those working in the industry.  But this one was different.  For those who missed out, here are my notes and key takeaways:


Connecting the Dots: Social Media for the SEO
Jen Sable Lopez & Erica McGillivray Is Social Networking a Fad? Seems to be propagated by teens & females…
-NO! But it’s going to change & grow all the time
-Women make up majority of consumer population so you want to be where they are Social media brings in traffic (look at your stats) & creates/fosters sense of community
-Once you have a strong sense of community, people will link to you
*Bigger social network + more social sharing = more search traffic & better rankingsCan’t you just automate this stuff?
-Some things you can & others you can’t; still have to have someone there to respond & converse so it’s not spammy Links
-If your post gets scraped, you’re getting all these backlinks BUT you have to make sure that you’re getting the original credit for it Content
-Choose your META titles & descriptions carefully b/c when you post content on social sites, they automatically pull your META titles & descriptions Social Keyword Research
-Twubs – can research hashtags**Make sharing super dumb & easy to share – make it easy for both consumers & for google bot so they don’t have to think

What content to push & where (so many different social sites):

Klout score
-Doesn’t mean much b/c easy to spam the system & increase your klout score… but can use as a baseline in identifying influencers

-Gets indexed & links fast
-How do you get tweets outside of twitter platform? Again, make content super dumb & easy to share
-Concept of “Pay with a tweet” or “Get more info by sharing” (only works with really awesome content)
– Reader gets something by tweeting about it or sharing it on different social platform… (“Wait! You’re almost there!  Name, email address, etc. & button that says ‘tweet & get report’”)… works kind of like “signing up to email list & get 10% discount code”
– Ex: Unbounce’s Noob Guide to Online Marketing: In order to download the PDF you have to tweet (button)
-Find influences using SEOmoz pro account’s twitter reports & followerwonk
-Dan Zarella’s “Science of Retweets” featuring the 20 most retweetable words

-Get insights for your site by adding meta tags to site
– Get likes from users on SITE not fan page
-Which button to use? First find out if FB even works by testing all social buttons
– On content pages, set up so they like that content page… factors into news feed & acts like a share
– On homepage; set up so they like fan page
-Tag employees in photos –> increases authenticity & reach

-Has become a necessity
-Google’s stepping back from pushing Twitter into results as much (although Twitter’s still very relevant) in order to push Google+
-Ripples – content has to be set to public & shared by at least 1 person
-When setting up brand page acct, have to use personal Google acct. but you can add other admins
-Type of content – videos work surprisingly well for SEOmoz
– Can ask community & see what type of content they’d like to see on Google+
-Can use asterisks around what you want bolded in a Google+ post & it will help make things stand out … Great resource on why you HAVE to do it & HOW to do it

-Studies have found that it’s 277% more effective for lead generation over other social networks… but doesn’t make sense for all businesses
-Best for b2b

-People are starting to use it like CRAZY & users may ONLY be on Pinterest & not on other social sites
-Didn’t have redirects but now they do (within past 2 wks)

-Don’t be spammy but can definitely show your expertise & answer Qs using blog posts/reference posts

-Don’t forget about it, especially if you’re a local business or small business
-Can offer deals for people checking in

What kind of goals should I have for social media?
-1st step is to figure them out… then test & create a plan

Measuring social media data
-Rowfeeder – tracks twitter hashtags, keywords, etc… throws it into a doc
-Can use SEOmoz pro social acct for a quick measure
-Google analytics

-If you don’t have a huge existing community like SEOmoz, you can still use social media to create a community & start to build it up; find influencers, create linkbait, engage, etc.

-Know that each social media platform has its own personality, feel & following so it doesn’t necessarily make sense to push same exact content (or type of content) everywhere & especially not all at once… Identify the differences & keep them somewhat separate

-ROI: very difficult to determine with social media
– social users are a different kind of user; don’t come to site to automatically buy
– people see a tweet or post & go check it out, but they may not buy; they’ll leave site, do some research, look around a bit & maybe come back later… hard to track conversion with traditional methods
-it’s really about social touch with people who are interested in what you’re interested in & that will inevitably affect $$ in the long run

Thank you SEOmoz, we love you.

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