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A Few Common PPC Mistakes

Since I started at WebFly I have been working mostly on the Social Media end of Internet Marketing.  This week; however, I started my first PPC project.  I have worked in the Internet Marketing world since I graduated college, and have been a PPC or SEM manager through out the years.  So my expertise lies in Pay-Per-Click management.

There are many common mistakes that I have seen through out my years of managing paid search accounts.  The most common mistake that I see when I first take on a clients account is that the keywords are very general or unrelated.  Many times when I being to manage an existing PPC account, which was not originally managed by an agency, I see very general keywords, that may get the client a lot of clicks but in general are not very profitable for the business.  Many of those very broad and general keywords have an expensive CPC or Cost-Per-Click, that is eating up the entire account budget.  It is important to keep keywords as specific as possible to the products you are selling.  When you have more specific keywords people are able to search for exactly what they need and you will truly get the best ROI.

The next common mistake that I see made is initially setting bids too low or too high.  Many people believe that if they set the bid high enough that it’ll get the “best” positions and will only spend the average CPC.  While that may be somewhat true, those positions; however, may actually not be the most profitable.  Sometimes positions 1 and 2 do not produce the results as 5 and 6 do.  It is important to test out those positions and see where your ads belongs.  There are free Google tools that you can use to manage your PPC account.  A great tool to help with initially setting your bids is the Google Traffic Estimator.  This will help you get an idea of where you need to initially set your bids.

Through out PPC Management it is important to remember this is an ongoing process.  Setting up the account and then checking on it once every two weeks is not the way to have a profitable Pay-Per-Click campaign.  Remember to get the best ROI out of your PPC account, it needs to be looked after and cared for each and every day.  Optimizations are the best way to keep your PPC account improving and increasing your profits.

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