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Pinterest is Climbing Up the Social Media Ladder

In a recent report on the popularity of social networking sites in the US, the photo-sharing site Pinterest ranked third after Facebook and Twitter. The study was carried out by the global information services group Experian, which revealed this finding in its 2012 Digital Marketer Report. Launched in March 2010, Pinterest is a site which allows users to organize and share their visual inspirations and ideas by pinning photos to a “virtual pin board.”

The research was conducted by recording the number of visits to social networking websites in the US. By pulling the numbers, Experian concluded that Pinterest continues to be third, even through March 2012. Experian researched a total of 158 sites, excluding mobile traffic sites and showed that Pinterest’s traffic increased by almost 50% between January and February of this year.  The site received a total of almost 21.5 million visits during the third week in January 2012, which was 30 times more than the number of visits in the last week of July 2011.

The emerging dominance of image-driven sites is also evident, as the report showed that 91% of online adults use social media regularly. Pinterest focuses mainly on images related to home décor, food, fashion, and crafts, creating a virtual common ground for people with related visual interests.  Experian’s report indicated that most visitors to the site are young female adults who are very interested in hobbies and crafts. This shows a tendency towards using the web for interactive communication related to hands-on experiences, and brands should take note if they would like to make significant connections with their customers.

The desire for community interaction is becoming more important in the daily lives of individuals who appear to be less and less satisfied with an abundance of “things.” The popularity of a platform like Pinterest has probably grown because of the need to connect ideas and thoughts visually, rather than through less-stimulating and gossip-driven, text-based websites. Media saturation has also caused internet users to gravitate towards visually appealing approaches, ones that contain something  considered original and unique.

Many companies will begin to evaluate their interest in integrating Pinterest into marketing campaigns in order to bring more value to their brands.  The site can be very useful for companies who want their content to be “pinned” by users of the site, and brands like Kotex are already jumping on the bandwagon by launching Pinterest campaigns. The tampon-producer ran an extremely successful internet campaign, targeting 50 influential women who are already Pinterest users.  Kotex sent them gift boxes based on their Pinterest boards.  To get these boxes, the women had to re-spin the gift idea for the use of Kotex marketing, providing the company with first-hand information for reaching and enticing their customers. The campaign even spurred the creation of a You Tube video that explains the process, and how the company inherently connected with its target audience.

Proving to be an extremely inspiring and accessible platform for any marketing campaign, the interest in Pinterest is growing.  So go on, get yourself ‘Pinned!’

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