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Pin-spiration Made Easy

Pinterest is gaining ground in the world of social media, and you can bet that companies in-the-know are catching onto this trend fast. Brands that recognize and understand their audiences are especially quick to follow up with the benefits of any new network, and Pinterest has already identified its target market:  the demographic of Pinterest users consists largely of women, whose main interests include decorating, fashion and food. The creative possibilities for marketing these three areas of interests abound, so companies in these industries really have the opportunity to get crafty.

That’s why we’re highlighting how seasoning and spice distributor McCormick launched their marketing campaign on Pinterest this April, called Spring Pin-Spiration.  The campaign promoted culinary creativity by prompting amateur chefs to prepare five dishes from recipes found on the McCormick website, and then create a Pinterest board featuring their creations. Completed and tagged boards were sent to the company, and 25 winners were awarded McCormick spring baking kits.

Proving to be a fantastic way to promote products related to activities that Pinterest users love, we’re giving you some tips on how to create your own Pin-tastic campaign:

  • Images will make or break you: Make sure that the photos and graphics you’re using in your campaign are high quality and appealing to your target audience. Colorful and striking or particularly beautiful imagery are always fine strategic choices.
  • Encourage sharing of images: Ask Pinterest users to post their own images of activities that involve your products; this is a great way to create an authentic and accessible feel to your campaigns.
  • Wish lists: Have customers and supporters of your company post wish lists with your products onto Pinterest, showcasing the desirability of your goods or services.
  • Play tag: Create tags to make it much easier for you to monitor the online traffic and success of your campaign through information shared on Pinterest.
  • Reward followers: Promote your brand by offering customers a small gift for taking part in your campaign to attract followers. No need to make the prize a new car, just something useful and exciting that your customer base would love.
  • Keep it simple: The easier it is for Pinterest users to understand what you are selling in your campaign, the more likely they are to take part in your campaign. Have users click through the smallest number of steps to take part in your promotion, remembering to make all information comprehensive and easy to access.

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