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The Importance of Negative Keywords in PPC


When it comes to managing your pay-per-click account it is important to not only think about “wanted” clicks, but also “unwanted” clicks.  Of course, you are using PPC campaigns to build traffic to your website, but it’s important to consider are those people arriving at your website through your pay-per-click ads who you want to click through.

In order to combat those unwanted clicks it is very important to do research and come up with a good list of PPC negative keywords.  Of course as your pay-per-click campaign traffic grows you can research more ideas to add to your ever growing list of negative keywords.

One keyword that I always like to put into my accounts is the word “Free.” Unless you are a charity or the clothing company “Free People” you probably don’t want someone searching “Free” attached to your keyword.

Another great negative keyword to add is “information.”  If you sell computers you want someone who is in the buying stage of the buying cycle.  Not someone who is just researching that brand new HP.

Keep in mind why people use the internet. Many people first research the product then continue on to buy either online or in the store.  So keep that in mind when building out your negative keyword list.  And remember your not going to build the campaign perfect from the beginning. Tweaking and making adjustments is part of the PPC management process.

So have fun managing your pay-per-click account and try to think outside the box.  For more news and information about internet marketing continue to visit our blog.  And if you need help managing your PPC campaigns visit

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