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Meet The Blogger

Hello I’m Megan and you are going to be seeing my posts here more often.  When I was thinking about what to write I wanted to do an introduction, so I thought a great title for my first post would be “Meet The Blogger.”  So I get to do what everyone “loves” to do right, talk about themselves?  Ughhh… Ok now what to say.

Well here at WebFly, I am a Social Media and Pay Per Click account manager.  We provide our clients with Internet Marketing solutions, such as Pay Per Click, SEO and Social Media management services.

I started my career doing PPC management right out of college.  Pay per click is an exciting field and definitely one that changes year after year.  There are a lot of techniques that go along with what Pay Per Click managers do everyday.  Some people think it’s as easy as adding a few keywords, setting a bid, and writing the ad then you are on your way to make millions… not so much.

In reality it is much more in-depth and it really takes someone working on an account full-time to receive the results most people want.  If you are not reviewing data, adding new keywords, researching in analytics, and tweaking ad copy everyday you probably aren’t doing enough to keep your Pay Per Click account running as efficiently as possible.

As my career continued I began working more in Social Media.  I have a writing background so blogging and tweeting have been a lot of fun, and really never seem like work.  Social Media is a very exciting and ever growing and ever changing division of Internet Marketing.  Social Media is a great way to connect with people all over the world because it is highly accessible and best part it’s FREE!

If you do not have a Facebook, a blog, or Twitter account yet you are really missing out on a huge part of customer/store relations.  It is a great way to keep clients interested in your products and keep an open dialogue with all your customers.  To learn more about Pay Per Click and Social Media management visit WebFly.

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