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Make Your Adwords Ads More Productive


Keywords are not the only important part of your Adwords Pay-per-click account.  Once you have the keyword in your account the next way to get a potential customer to click through into your website is via your Text Ads.  That is why having an interesting ad is so important to beat out the other competitors on the page, to get the Click Through that YOU want.  In order to increase your CTR (Click-Through-Rate) follow some simple Adwords Ad writing tips.


The first thing you should do when writing your pay-per-click ads is make them EYE catching.  Include keywords in your ad that will highlight in the Google search results when someone searches that particular word.  You do this by making specific and direct Adgroups that have the same category of keywords that relate to each other.

The next step to creating enticing Google Adwords PPC Ads is to make them fun and unique.  Typically the most creative ads get the most clicks.  Make them funny and interesting yet direct.  Having a good sense of humor while you’re writing your pay-per-click ads is a good idea.

Finally use trigger words like Deals, Savings, and Specials.  These words will draw the attention of serious buyers.  Buyers will likely click on your ad before your competitors, if they think they’ll get a better price at your site.  So not only is it important to be competitive with your prices, but don’t be afraid to announce those deals as well. 

As we always say testing is the biggest part of PPC and if one Google Adwords ad fails write another and try again.  For help with your pay-per-click account contact WebFly, and as always continue to visit our blog for more internet marketing tips and information.

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