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Linkstant – Revealed at ProSEO by Rob Ousbey

This week I had the privilidge sheer unabashed joy of attending ProSEO Boston (check out the twitter hashtag for lots of tips and goodies) and a lot of really interesting things came out of it. But one of the things I was most excited to share immediately was Linkstant.

I wouldn’t’ say that this wasn’t the most important “SEO Secret” to come out of ProSEO Boston, but it WAS the most exciting to share right away. Here’s why:

Linkstant Site

Linkstant! Website by Rob Ousbey

Linkstant is a clever tool created by Rob Ousbey that lets you know whenever your site gets linked to immediately. This isn’t useful just for crazy stat-junkies, but for anyone who wants to have a real handle on their links. So why the heck would you need to know that someone linked to you within 60 seconds of them doing it?

Rob offered this scenario: a blogger posts something about your site but it’s not using the anchor text your want, or maybe there’s something inaccurate. Instead of waiting days or possibly weeks to find out and ask the blogger to make a change (when, let’s face it, the damage has already been done) you could actually contact that blogger within a minute. Of course, Rob warned that doing so may freak them out a bit. ^_~ But if you caught them while they were still in the office (read: basement, probably wearing pajamas) and still had their blog open, they could change it right away. Amazing!

Rob’s presentation focused on new technologies and how a clever/useful/sexy website can attract a lot of links. Linkstant served as the perfect summary to his presentation… because who wouldn’t want to link to it and see their link pop up? In fact within moments there were tons of site owners in the audience linking to Linkstant, which we got to see pop up on the site’s homepage in real time because everyone wanted to see their own site on Linkstant.

While Linkstant meant to portray how creating content with unique techniques and technology, it’s obviously also a valuable resource itself. Luckily Rob is offering a sign up for Linkstant to anyone who wants to see real time links to their website.

If you’re as impressed as the audience at ProSEO was, read more about how linkstant works.

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  1. Just wondering…. is there a equivalent WP plugin for this for blogs?


    • Alex Karlsonalexg author says:

      Hy Ty, I don’t know of any plugins that do that, however you can add a small snippet of code to your WordPress footer or header and it should work great. I agree, a quick WP plugin would be cool. Maybe we should all tweet at @RobOusbey and ask him to make one.

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