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Knowing Your Business on Facebook

Facebook is stronger than ever in its attachment to our daily lives, having extended itself from a mere social hub into a veritable business strategy for almost any industry. To keep things interesting, Facebook updates itself; the latest change on the platform is the reworked timeline setting for personal, community and business profiles. Making sure you familiarize yourself with the new setup is necessary to ensure that your business timeline isn’t boring or outdated, especially if it is a key tactic for success. Take some cues from the tips below to acquaint yourself with Facebook procedures, and create a timeline that viewers will remember.

1. Attract attention with highlighted posts

Highlighting posts means that your posts will take up the entire width of a page in the timeline profile setup. Although this doesn’t actually highlight a particular post in neon pink or yellow, it will definitely attract more attention from the visitors to your page.

2. Share important messages through pinned posts

Pinned posts are great for sending messages that all visitors to your page will see. They can be set to stay at the top of your timeline page for up to seven days, but keep in mind that it is important to change pinned posts frequently to keep your page fresh.

3. Create milestones

Setting milestones on your timeline allows you to share and highlight important dates for your business operation. They are perfect for showcasing special events, openings, product launches and achievements of your business. To set a milestone, just click on the“Milestone” link at the top of your page, add the necessary information with a photo, and click “save.”

4. “Like” is key

Pressing “Like” buttons is the best way for fans to show their appreciation for you personally, your business or information you share. It is easy to track how many people have “liked” your post in the tab below it, and oftentimes you are able to actually see who those users are. Make sure to ”like” posts on other timelines and Facebook profiles as well, as it will demonstrate your activity and interest in the social hub.

5. Great images never fail

Anyone who has visited a Facebook timeline with beautiful images knows the power of photographs to induce further investigation of that particular profile. The timeline is set up for optimal image display, giving page owners the opportunity to flex their creative muscles. Make sure your images are the correct size to ensure that they look great on your timeline:

Cover photo: 851 x 315

Profile picture: 180 x 180

Thumbnail images used for apps: 111 x 74

Images for normal wall posts: 404 x 404

Images for highlighted and milestone images: 843 x 403

6. Keep your cover image updated

Your cover image, which is like a header for the Facebook page of your business, is a fantastic opportunity to showcase branding and imaging skills. Although not the main attraction of a Facebook page, the cover image is important for the overall look and feel of the page. It is therefore important to keep it updated and change it often in order to keep visitors and fans interested.

Tips and guidelines for cover images:

  • Image dimensions for cover image: 851 x 315
  • Use logos and photos that convey your brand image
  • Use colors and graphics that appeal to your particular audience
  • If you’re using text in your cover image, keep it as simple as possible
  • Deal offers and any kind of purchase information are not allowed in the cover image
  • Don’t include any contact information in the cover image
  • Make sure you have the copyright to any material in your cover image

7. Apps for tabs

Social media platforms offer applications, or “apps” as they are known in web lingo, for any business and type of interest.  Their use has spread from mere productivity facilitators for email and calendars.  On the new Facebook page, four apps always appear under the cover image, but the page owner can place a maximum of 14 in that location. You can create a custom thumbnail for an app, or use unique URLs to direct visitors to certain pages on the timeline when they click on one of the 14 apps.

8. One-on-one contact with fans

Although you cannot send your fans private messages, fans can send the owner of a Facebook page private messages that won’t appear on “the wall.” If an interested fan initiates a conversation, it’s a great way for you to communicate with people who want to be engaged in your activities.

The above guidelines are good to keep in mind for the new setup.  Understanding that Facebook is important for your business to grow is key, and understanding how to engage people through it and which strategies work best for your business will ensure web traffic. However, remember that Facebook is a dynamic platform that occasionally changes its setup, so it is important that you are able to keep up with the standards it makes for itself. With an open mind and a strong sense of your business objectives, you will be able to take whatever social media throws your way.

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