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Is live blogging the new black?

I'll just read about it in your blog

This idea just occurred to me the other day as I was making my morning rounds, checking up on my favorite blogs.  One that I’ve been following religiously for some time is Eventing Nation.  This past weekend was an important one on the sport of eventing because it was the 50th anniversary running of the Burghley CCI**** event in England.  Not only is this one of the largest and most challenging competitions in the world, but this year it is especially exciting as we are gearing up for next year’s London Olympics.  This is the time when riders are really ramping up their training and aiming to perform their best in hopes of being selected for their country’s team.  It’s an exciting time for everyone in the sport which brings me back to the topic of live blogging
Eventing Nation, which started out as a small single-man blog operation, has become a

live blog

Burghley Live Blog on eventing nation

major force in news and reporting about our great sport.  It now has a serious following all across the country and has become the premiere source of up to the minute coverage of all of the most important eventing competitions in the world. So how exactly do they manage to get their news to the people faster than anyone else?  Well, one way is through live blogging.
So this past weekend with the Burghley horse trials going on, EN was on the scene, keeping the eager fans at bay with immediate commentary, scores, standings, and more.  It’s almost like being there!  Well… not quite.  But for those of us who can’t make the journey across the pond, this really is the next best thing and really has changed the way all of us engage with the sport and our beloved professionals.
For a sport that generally flies under the radar and doesn’t enjoy much mainstream media coverage, social media has really changed everything.  It has changed the way we buy and sell horses, find trainers and boarding facilities, network among our fellow riders, and stay up to date on important news and events.  It has also given the pros a much larger medium through which they can advertise their services and interact with their clients, sponsors, and fans.  The evolution of social media marketing continues.


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