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Improve the Performance of Your Business with Feng Shui


Feng Shui for positive Chi

Is your business not exactly going as well as you would like?  Are you having problems with turnover, or getting tasks accomplished in an efficient manner?  Typical solutions include things like daily and/or weekly meetings, various project management implementations, training, etc.  But one thing that many businesses probably don’t usually consider is that the design and layout of their office space could actually be contributing to their problems.
Feng Shui, for those of you who don’t know, is an ancient practice or arranging spaces in such a way as to promote the flow of positive energy or “Chi”.  The philosophy behind this practice is deeply rooted in Eastern Spiritual traditions and has been carried over for generations and adapted to fit different situations and cultures.
So how does this apply to your business?  Well, the organization and layout of your office space could actually be blocking positive, prosperous energy from flowing freely.  Let’s take a look at some quick Feng Shui fixes which can transform the energy, and ultimately the success, of your business.

Simple Feng Shui tips for your Business

1.) Remove all Clutter: All work spaces, especially desks, should be kept free of clutter.  Having a lot of “Stuff” all over is sure to block positive chi from flowing.

2.) Consider the placement, and shape of your desk: The optimal position for your desk is one where you can see most of the room.  It is never ideal to have your back facing a window, or a doorway.  If you have no other option, however, placing a mirror on your desk is one possible solution.

3.) Plants: Having plants in your space is helpful for enhancing the energies of health and wealth.  Because plants are alive, they help to enliven the energy of the space, but you must always be mindful to KEEP them alive, otherwise it will have the opposite effect.

4.) Water: fountains and waterfalls, both interior and exterior, are great for stimulating the positive Chi energy and keeping it circulating throughout the space.  Placing a water feature in a specific area of the office can help to stimulate positive growth in that area.


While it might sound silly that simply rearranging your furniture and placing some plants, mirrors, fountains and crystals around could really have a positive impact on the performance of your business, but it’s true.  Feng Shui is an ancient practice that has only survived for so many years because of how it has proven helpful to so many people.  Why not give it a try and see if it helps?  If nothing else, it certainly can never hurt to de-clutter.


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