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How Much Do We Really Buy Online?


Recently I was in the market for a new car.  I pretty much did all of my research online for the particular car, the dealership, prices, and not to mention all the pros and cons.  I decided to go with the car dealership that responded best to my emails, Tunkhannock Auto Mart, in Tunkhannock PA.  They weren’t the closest to where I live, since I live in Philadelphia, but they had the car I wanted at the right price.  So after all of this I began to think just how much do we buy online?

Obviously as an internet marketer I know that people are buying more and more online each and every year.  But this awesome graph by Permuto shows that people are still buying more offline.  Those items that sell more online are clothing, electronics, furniture, office supplies, books and magazines.

But how many people do their research online first before they buy in the store? In total 63% of US adults claimed to research products online then buy them from traditional stores.  These buyers are called “ROPO” purchases (Research Online – Purchase Offline).  According to Forrester Research by 2014 consumers will buy or research online half of their purchases!

That is huge! Half of everything we buy will first come via the internet.  So people are behaving like I did when I went to purchase a car.  They are first going online to find prices and compare shop.  Then you are contacting the business via their website. Finally they make that purchase either online or going into the store to buy the item.

Overall, it is important for business owners to get a website now.  It will only increase your marketing power in the future and help you to connect efficiently and easily with your customers.  For more information about a website please contact  Once you have a website it is important to market it effectively so people know about your goods and services.  For more information on internet marketing visit our blog.

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