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Follow Me, Follow Me, Tweet, Tweet

I have been doing a lot of work on Twitter recently for a few clients.  I really like Twitter and I think it is a great social media marketing tool.  It gives you access to hundreds, even thousands, and if your a celebrity like Aston Kutcher or Lady Gaga, over a million followers to communicate with.

For businesses, Twitter is an amazing FREE social media marketing tool, that you can use to connect and listen to your customers.  By hearing what they have to say first hand about your products or services you can either expand on the good or implement change.  This is an effective way to reach out to customers and give them a presence and a face behind the company.

Last year, Forbes Magazine assembled a visual list for its Top 21 Twitter Tips to showcase for e-commerce businesses.  With this social media marketing tool Forbes explains ways to keep using Twitter for marketing, service, sales, and ideation.  The top three tips are as follows:

The number one tip is to use Twitter to keep clients informed about Special Offers.  Letting people know you have a special offer or coupons available will entice them to buy, even if they do not necessary need the product at that time.

The second tip is to use Twitter as a way to log orders.  By posting a link on twitter, people can easily add an order in a split second.  This way impulse Twitter buyers will make an order and retailers will increase sales.  This is great for restaurants or coffee shops that people can order their lunch or morning coffee through Twitter and quickly pick it up with out missing a beat.

The Third tip Forbes Magazine gives is to use Twitter to spread knowledge through word of mouth.  So not only are you spreading knowledge to all of your followers but your followers are also spreading your message in their offices, schools, and homes to their friends and family.  Keeping people talking about your business is the number one goal to social media marketing.

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