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Email Marketing for the Holidays

Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing and is a great way to connect with old customers.   Those who have already purchased products from your store will most likely be happy to join the emailing list for your website.  They will want to know when special offers and sales are happening, therefore be more inclined to purchase items.

Email Marketing

There are many advantages to starting an email marketing campaign.  There is an exact return on investment.  You can track sales that come in by email marketing flyers through Google Analytics.  You are able to see who clicks through on your email flyers, and who eventually buys via your email marketing efforts.

Another advantage to this type of internet marketing is that those you are reaching out to are consumers who have a connection with your business.  They want to know what you have to say, so when you send personalized, relevant, and dynamic messages they are likely to not only read it, but respond to it. 

When it comes to reading emails, this is another huge advantage to email marketing.  Over half of internet users check or send emails each and every day. As long as your marketing flyer does not violate any spam laws then your message should be delivered properly into consumers’ inboxes and hopefully read.

So remember during this busy holiday season to capitalize where ever possible.  Send those email flyers often, with great sales and specials.  These campaigns will help you increase your ROI and bring in more business during a tough economy.  If you need help managing your email marketing campaign visit, WebFly.

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