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Using Sites like Digg and Technorati to Increase Blog Exposure

When it comes to starting an online presence for your company it is important that you first develop a blog.  A blog will connect your current and new customers to what is going on in your company and your industry.  You can use your blog as the “voice” of the company so people can relate and communicate easily with your business no matter how big or small it is.


But what we find is that many people express it is difficult once they start a blog to get readers.  It’s important to remember that if your blog is brand new this isn’t a process that is going to happen over night.  Increasing exposure to your blog is like building your SEO presence on search results.  But there are strategies to increase readership to your blog.


First thing you want to make sure your blog is interesting.  You want people to be able to easily read and understand your message.  Keep it simple, don’t flood viewers with too much information, but give them enough to keep them wanting more.

Next is to subscribe to blog search engines like Technorati.  This will help so your blog can be searched and viewed by people who are looking for the information that you are writing about day by day or week by week.

Finally you can create an account and post your blog on Digg.  This will allow people to search for your blog in the same way as they do on Technorati, but they can also fwd it by “digging” it to their followers.  It is like a chain effect when it comes to interesting content that people want to read and follow.

For more internet marketing ideas and ways to increase your blogs exposure continue to visit our blog.  And if you need help starting a blog or a website, visit

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