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Internet Marketing

5 Internet Marketing Tips for the New Year

  With the New Year in full swing we decided to give our loyal readers some Internet Marketing tips for 2011.  In order to gain traffic and sales for your online website you want to be sure that you are an Internet Marketing Superstar.  You want to become as proficient as possible as a Social Media Specialist, PPC Manager, and SEO Guru.  So let’s go ahead with the five best Social Media, Pay per click, Blogging and overall Internet … [Read more...]

Email Marketing for the Holidays

Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing and is a great way to connect with old customers.   Those who have already purchased products from your store will most likely be happy to join the emailing list for your website.  They will want to know when special offers and sales are happening, therefore be more inclined to purchase items. There are many advantages to starting an email marketing campaign.  There is an exact return on … [Read more...]

Using Sites like Digg and Technorati to Increase Blog Exposure

When it comes to starting an online presence for your company it is important that you first develop a blog.  A blog will connect your current and new customers to what is going on in your company and your industry.  You can use your blog as the “voice” of the company so people can relate and communicate easily with your business no matter how big or small it is. But what we find is that many people express it is difficult once they … [Read more...]

How Much Do We Really Buy Online?

  Recently I was in the market for a new car.  I pretty much did all of my research online for the particular car, the dealership, prices, and not to mention all the pros and cons.  I decided to go with the car dealership that responded best to my emails, Tunkhannock Auto Mart, in Tunkhannock PA.  They weren’t the closest to where I live, since I live in Philadelphia, but they had the car I wanted at the right price.  So after all of this … [Read more...]

How to Gain Traffic to Your Website?

Many people believe that having a website is enough when it comes to your online presence.  It is true that having a website is important and it is definitely a necessity when it comes to advertising your business.  But you can’t just have a website then do nothing to promote it.  You need to try to get people to visit who don’t necessarily know your business already, but are interested in your goods or services. So what can you do to gain … [Read more...]

Is AdCenter REALLY Ready for the Challenge?

  I’m not sure yet if I’m surprised about this or if I expected something like this to happen.  Yesterday when trying to access AdCenter using Google Chrome, a message popped up that said “Current Browser Not Supported.”  I was not able to sign in to my MSN account using the Chrome browser, to manage my PPC accounts.   So I wondered why did this happened? Is Microsoft AdCenter really up for the challenge to compete with the "big dog" Google … [Read more...]

Bid Management Software: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

I’ll admit it I am very skeptical when it comes to bid management software to help manage my pay per click accounts.  The idea of a robot going into my PPC campaigns in the middle of the night and messing with my bids and ad positions is frightening to me.  Many other paid search managers who I have worked with have expressed that they fell the same way.  Call us control freaks, but there is definitely something unsettling about someone or … [Read more...]

Marketing Your Business with a Facebook Page

Let’s face it social media marketing sites like Facebook are here to stay.  With more than 500 million active users in July 2010, which is about one person for every fourteen in the world, Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world. With all these people in one place it is so important for businesses to establish a presence on Facebook. One thing that you want to do when you create a Facebook account is to make it your own.  … [Read more...]

Bidding for Success on Google Adwords

Having been a pay per click manager, and in the internet marketing industry for a few years now, I’ve seen a lot of clients show concern about their Google Adwords keyword bidding structure.  Many people worry that if they bid too much that their complete budget will be eaten up entirely in just a few clicks.  But then if they bid too low their efforts will be eventually useless. While both of these scenarios may be true it is important to … [Read more...]

Flickr Improves Your Website’s Personal Presence

Many people think that image and video hosting websites, like Flickr and YouTube, can only be used for personal and entertainment purposes.  But that is not always the case.  Flickr can be a great photo sharing website that helps you to get the word out about your business, website, and the activities that are going on around your area and in your industry.    Flickr is a way that you can tell a visual story about what is going on at your … [Read more...]



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