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So You Think You Want to be an Entrepreneur?

So you’re an entrepreneur, eh?  It’s been your dream to own your own business and be your own boss for as long as you can remember.  Now you’ve actually put your plans in motion and have started a company of your very own.  But what do you do when there are millions of others out there just like you with the same goals, dreams, and ambitions.  It’s no secret that most small business fail so how are you going to make sure that you succeed? From a … [Read more...]

Improve the Performance of Your Business with Feng Shui

Is your business not exactly going as well as you would like?  Are you having problems with turnover, or getting tasks accomplished in an efficient manner?  Typical solutions include things like daily and/or weekly meetings, various project management implementations, training, etc.  But one thing that many businesses probably don’t usually consider is that the design and layout of their office space could actually be contributing to their … [Read more...]

Getting Stuff Done Board: Simple Project Management Without Software

This week we implemented a new method of project management... or is it an old one? Despite the fact that the boss is obsessed with trying out new software tools, and that many of us here are very technical people who work with computers all day, we decided to try out a "new tool" to help us manage projects and tasks that isn't really all that new—the whiteboard. We've lovingly dubbed our new whiteboard the "GSD" Board or "Getting Stuff … [Read more...]

Marketing Whores: Get Attention for Your Business by Being a Jerk

Branding is essential to growing your business so it's important to take the time to carefully craft a reputable, respectable image for your company. Or you could just say screw it and be yourself. I know, I sound like I'm being facetious, but it actually works for some businesses to not take themselves or their marketing efforts too seriously. People Notice Offensive Words Like "Whore" Admit it, you're reading this article because the … [Read more...]

Google Chrome Web Browser Offers Great SEO Extensions

People have some pretty strong opinions when it comes to their choice of web browser.  I’ve probably tried them all at some point, but just over a year ago I made the switch to Google Chrome and haven’t looked back.  While my choice was based purely on personal preference and ease of use, it turns out that there are also some pretty great SEO extensions available for Chrome.  Let’s take a look at a few of the best. My personal favorite when it … [Read more...]

Learn What Makes a Good Landing Page

The landing page is where a visitor is taken after clicking on an ad.  It is also sometimes called a lead capture page, because the visitor is asked to submit their name and email address, thus creating a lead.  Most often, this page will display additional sales copy which explains your offer in further detail.  Avoiding a few common mistakes can make all the difference in the success of your internet marketing campaign. First, keep … [Read more...]

Thinking Of Getting a Company Website?

For those of you who have been thinking about getting a company website, it’s time to make some moves.  Today, with the nature of the market and the extreme prevalence of the Internet in our everyday lives, it’s an ideal time to get started.  The thought alone can be overwhelming at times, so we’ve broken it down into three easy-to-understand steps to get you started. 1. Brainstorming and Research First, decide what kind of website you … [Read more...]

Welcome to our Blog

Hello, and welcome to the official home of the WebFly Blog. We’ve been talking about creating this blog for a while now, in hopes of better communicating with our clients. Here at WebFly, we constantly work hard to present our clients with state-of-the-art websites and groundbreaking Online Marketing techniques, as we truly believe that our clients are the future leaders of tomorrow. Every week, we will update our blog in order to provide you … [Read more...]



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