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5 Website Design Tips to Help Your Small Business Go BIG

Your website is arguably the most important element of your small business, especially for e-commerce sites that sell products or services only online. Even brick-and-mortar stores can benefit from a website that showcases their inventories and helps customers find their locations. Oftentimes, your homepage is the first contact that customers have with your company, and if it doesn’t hook visitors quickly, you can miss out on hundreds of … [Read more...]

Email Marketing Best Practices, Software and Other Tips

Among the vast array of options available to companies interested in Internet advertising, email marketing often goes overlooked. This is unfortunate, because an email marketing campaign is an affordable method of attracting new clients and creating repeat customers. It also helps build loyalty and brand awareness. What is email marketing? As the name suggests, email marketing is the practice of sending emails, usually in large numbers, to a … [Read more...]

MailChimp Expert – Make Your Email Marketing Campaigns Work for You

As a MailChimp expert, WebFly has a strong track record of implementing successful email marketing campaigns for clients. Our custom solutions address clients’ unique requirements, and our end-to-end support allows clients to focus on core business activities. We are happy to have served the needs of clients across niches , and to have played a role in their customer-engagement efforts. What does it mean to be a MailChimp Expert? In the … [Read more...]

The Boom in Advertising through Social Media

Have you been slightly surprised recently when you walked into your neighborhood business and were reminded that if you had clicked “Like” on Facebook, that business would have given you 20% off your purchase that day? Utilization of social media is nothing new when it comes to big business and nationwide corporations, but it seems to be catching on with even the smallest of operations. It’s obvious that social media is becoming common culture … [Read more...]

Branching Out Into New Social Media Networks

We’ve talked about some of the most popular social networks on the Web here on our WebFly blog, with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as the official stars. We’ve offered up some interesting statistics, anthropological studies and user tips for our readers, keeping you up-to-date on the latest developments in social media tools for your marketing strategies. Today, however, we’ve decided to introduce you to some lesser-known social media … [Read more...]

Pinterest Paves the Way for Business Participation

Do you absolutely love Pinterest? Do you own a business that inspires several of the topics for your Pinterest boards? Would you want to use pin boards to promote your company or business by sharing the visual inspiration of your progression? Well you’re in luck, because Pinterest has launched a new set of resources and tools designed specifically for businesses and entrepreneurs. For a company to create a Pinterest business account, all they … [Read more...]

Is E-Reading Taking Over the Traditional Paper Book?

Maybe not, but it definitely seems to be catching up. Although paper books, newspapers, magazines and flyers are still appearing in our mailboxes, on newsstands and in stores, the popularity of e-books and Internet-based publications is on the rise. Studies find that the average e-reader is between the ages of 30 and 49, with a household income over $75,000, and a college degree. As this largest social class grows in developed countries, they … [Read more...]

Why We Love Justuno – Social Media Bribing Rockstar

Looking for new and creative ways to enhance the performance of our clients’ websites is one of the most exciting parts of my job. As I’ve recently been focusing on improving newsletter subscriptions, I’ve been looking for a tool or plug-in that would grab visitor's attention by popping-up on a client’s website, offering an enticing newsletter subscription offers.  That’s when I discovered Justuno. It is a fantastic new social media marketing … [Read more...]

Improving Your E-Commerce Site

E-commerce has become one of the most popular vehicles for new entrepreneurs, and is a step towards further developing existing businesses. Because the Worldwide Web provides the opportunity for any resourceful person to become a businessman or woman, competition is high and the stakes are rising. So what does it take to become a successful online entrepreneur, versus an e-commerce flop? Smart choices are key -- they must include a commitment … [Read more...]


“EcoCommerce adds an ecological dimension to the economy and is a new discipline for one of the planet’s biggest issues: how can we value the economic and life-giving services that our planet has provided free for millenniums.” –Tim Gieseke, author of EcoCommerce 101 A significant percentage of upper middle-class consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their environmental impact on the earth, and realizing that they can make a difference … [Read more...]



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