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Bidding for Success on Google Adwords

Having been a pay per click manager, and in the internet marketing industry for a few years now, I’ve seen a lot of clients show concern about their Google Adwords keyword bidding structure.  Many people worry that if they bid too much that their complete budget will be eaten up entirely in just a few clicks.  But then if they bid too low their efforts will be eventually useless.

While both of these scenarios may be true it is important to remember to be aggressive but at the same time look for opportunities when it comes to setting up your pay per click account.  A great tool to start off with when you first set up your PPC Google Adwords account is the Google Traffic Estimator.  With this tool you can see the popularity of searches for your keywords, as well as, how much your competitors are bidding to be in those ideal top pay per click positions.

Now what if your keyword bid is in the $10.00 per click range and your monthly budget is $1000?  Well then you definitely don’t want to bid $10/click on that one keyword no matter how relevant it is to your ecommerce business.  Instead, think of longer tail keywords that include that initial expensive keyword.  For example, if you sell Nike Sneakers bidding on the word “Nike” is probably out of the question if you have a lower budget.  However, you can try keywords like “New Nike Sneakers,” “Best Nike Sneakers,” and “Nike Shoes Online.”  Having longer tail keywords will help you decrease your keyword CPC’s, and increase profitability in your PPC account.

Now it is important to remember to not be scared about bidding above a $1.00 or $2.00 for a keyword.  Just because you bid that high doesn’t mean you are going to necessarily loose all your ROI in just a few clicks.  Don’t always be scared of those high bidding keywords, lets face it, they are working for someone, their CPC is the proof.  But just be reasonable, don’t spend all your “pay per click marketing” money in one place.

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