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Integrating Email and Social Media Ranks Top Marketing Tip for 2011

In spite of the ever growing social media marketing trend, email marketing is still very much alive.  According to experts, it is essential to use both methods in order to truly optimize your business’ online marketing strategy.  The integration of email marketing with social media is predicted to be one of the biggest trends for 2011. Social media marketing had a booming year in 2010, and it appears as though that trend will continue … [Read more...]

5 Internet Marketing Tips for the New Year

  With the New Year in full swing we decided to give our loyal readers some Internet Marketing tips for 2011.  In order to gain traffic and sales for your online website you want to be sure that you are an Internet Marketing Superstar.  You want to become as proficient as possible as a Social Media Specialist, PPC Manager, and SEO Guru.  So let’s go ahead with the five best Social Media, Pay per click, Blogging and overall Internet … [Read more...]

Trademarked Terms: To Bid Or Not To Bid

I am asked quite frequently as a PPC Manager from clients who want to know why they should bid on their own branded keywords.   They are unsure why they should bid on keywords that they are ranking for free anyway.  Many people are often against it until they understand the reasoning.  Here are a few reason why bidding on your Trademark Pay-Per-Click terms is a good idea. The first reason to bid on your trademark keywords is to protect … [Read more...]

Mark Zuckerberg Named Time 2010 Person of the Year!

  This year 2010 Person of the Year presented by Time Magazine went to Facebook creator and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.  The man behind the biggest social networking site in the world is on the front cover of Time with bright green eyes and a “baby-face” look.  With such an innocent expression it makes you wonder how with the release of the movie “Social Network” this year, how anyone could find this childlike looking Zuckerberg to be anything but a … [Read more...]

Make Your Adwords Ads More Productive

  … [Read more...]

Email Marketing for the Holidays

Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing and is a great way to connect with old customers.   Those who have already purchased products from your store will most likely be happy to join the emailing list for your website.  They will want to know when special offers and sales are happening, therefore be more inclined to purchase items. There are many advantages to starting an email marketing campaign.  There is an exact return on … [Read more...]

SEO Link Building – Why Content is King

Your website and the building of the World Wide Web in general is more than just throwing a bunch of links together and placing them on a page. That’s not what people are looking for, and what used to work in the past in terms of SEO no longer does. The majority of people go online in search of information, and too many websites fail to deliver, leaving the webmaster wondering what it is he or she is doing wrong. Most readers do not go online … [Read more...]

SEO Link Building – 3 Things You Must Do

Link building is essential for good rankings in the search engines. There are some on-page SEO things you can do and should, but there is no way around SEO link building for top rankings. The basis of link building is built on the foundation of keywords. The more competitive the keyword the more backlinks you will need. Conversely the less competitive your keyword is the fewer backlinks you need. Having said this, let’s look at three things you … [Read more...]

4 Easy To Do SEO Link Building Tips For Beginners

SEO link building is often viewed as something complex and difficult to incorporate into your link building campaign. In reality, there are a number of easy things beginners can do to build links without paying a lot of cash, and without investing too much energy. Building links the right way will pay off if you do it properly, so start as soon as you are able to reap the most benefits. Forum posting links on relevant and established forums are … [Read more...]

Improve Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales with a New Website!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner, and shopping is on everyone’s mind.   Even in economic down times, there has been an increase in online sales every year.   There is nothing different expected for this year.  So while holiday sales are on your mind, it is a good time to think about getting a website or improving on the one you already have for the year to come. Many people think that as long as they have a website … [Read more...]



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