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HTML Guide for Bloggers: Part1

Blogging software isn't perfect. That's about the nicest way I can put that actually. As much as I love Wordpress in particular, a lot of bloggers I know complain about how it formats posts. Personally I don't run into any major problems when formatting blog posts, but I also happen to know HTML. So when I'm writing a blog post, I'm using the HTML editor, not the visual editor. I recommend that any blogger who's struggling to find out why their … [Read more...]

Does Sharing News via Social Media Help or Hurt your Brand?

In the past week I have seen 2 different news stories spread to thousands of users through Social Media with very different results.  With how quick and easy it is to spread information to the public these days, companies and those who represent them must be extremely mindful of their conduct at all times.  While anonymity is certainly a common practice in online communication, many individuals choose to be far more transparent, especially if … [Read more...]

Can Your Website Survive the Rapture?

There has been a ton of buzz all over the internet lately about The Rapture, or second coming of Christ, which is predicted to occur on May 21, 2011 (aka TOMORROW). Christians everywhere are preparing their final words to loved ones, and even hiring services to care for their pets in the event of their untimely departure. I can’t help but wonder, however, if anyone is thinking about what’s going to happen to their website. Is your Website … [Read more...]

ProSEO Boston: Live Site Review

While it's great to attend a seminar and get a bunch of tips and ideas, it's not always easy to directly relate them to your specific niche, so the live site review served as a great way to get the audience involved and to see some real world suggestions on real world websites. Some SEOs in the audience were nice enough to share their websites and get a critique from the experts. Tom Critchlow, Rand Fishkin & Mat Clayton reviewed 5 websites … [Read more...]

ProSEO Boston Recap

Earlier this week my mind was blown at ProSEO Boston. The seminar reached outside of what a lot of us in the industry might think of as SEO, painting a pretty clear picture of how SEO has changed and more importantly how it will continue to change. This wasn't just about keyword research and link building (although Kate Morris and Justin Briggs brought some really exciting new ideas to those topics) but about how we need to change the way we … [Read more...]

Linkstant – Revealed at ProSEO by Rob Ousbey

This week I had the privilidge sheer unabashed joy of attending ProSEO Boston (check out the twitter hashtag for lots of tips and goodies) and a lot of really interesting things came out of it. But one of the things I was most excited to share immediately was Linkstant. I wouldn't' say that this wasn't the most important "SEO Secret" to come out of ProSEO Boston, but it WAS the most exciting to share right away. Here's why: Linkstant … [Read more...]

Marketing Whores: Get Attention for Your Business by Being a Jerk

Branding is essential to growing your business so it's important to take the time to carefully craft a reputable, respectable image for your company. Or you could just say screw it and be yourself. I know, I sound like I'm being facetious, but it actually works for some businesses to not take themselves or their marketing efforts too seriously. People Notice Offensive Words Like "Whore" Admit it, you're reading this article because the … [Read more...]

Facebook Deals adds to Social Media Marketing opportunities

This past  week, Social Media giant Facebook has launched a brand new feature.  Facebook Deals is a product that was created to compete with Groupon.  To begin, the app will only be released in 5 cities across the United States.  Those cities are Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego, and San Francisco. Any user that signs up for Deals will have notifications of local deals sent both to their e-mail and to their news feed.  It is an extension of … [Read more...]

Using Online Video for Marketing

One of the most underused social media marketing tactics available today (I think) is the use of online video.  This outlet is quite versatile and has a number of potential uses in your SEO and Internet Marketing strategy. There are really no limitations when it comes to the type of content you can publish for your online video marketing.  They can be blogs, photo slideshows, lectures, presentations, press releases, eBooks, or really anything … [Read more...]

Integrating SEO and PPC for Search Engine Marketing

There’s no doubt that recent years have seen a major shift from traditional media to online outlets when it comes to marketing activities.  This change has been lead largely by evolving consumer behavior patterns.  Studies have even shown that today, more than 50% of consumers perform an online search before purchasing a new product or service.  And this pattern does not show any sign of turning around in the near future. With so many … [Read more...]



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