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Pinterest is Climbing Up the Social Media Ladder

In a recent report on the popularity of social networking sites in the US, the photo-sharing site Pinterest ranked third after Facebook and Twitter. The study was carried out by the global information services group Experian, which revealed this finding in its 2012 Digital Marketer Report. Launched in March 2010, Pinterest is a site which allows users to organize and share their visual inspirations and ideas by pinning photos to a “virtual pin … [Read more...]

SEOmoz Webinar Review: Connecting the Dots – Social Media for the SEO

Last Thursday I attended a webinar hosted by Jen Lopez and Erica McGillivray of SEOmoz.  The webinar was entitled, “Connecting the Dots: Social Media for the SEO” and it was surprisingly insightful!  Usually I tend to find webinars on social media to be boring, way too introductory and overrun with information that should be common sense to those working in the industry.  But this one was different.  For those who missed out, here are my notes … [Read more...]

So You Think You Want to be an Entrepreneur?

So you’re an entrepreneur, eh?  It’s been your dream to own your own business and be your own boss for as long as you can remember.  Now you’ve actually put your plans in motion and have started a company of your very own.  But what do you do when there are millions of others out there just like you with the same goals, dreams, and ambitions.  It’s no secret that most small business fail so how are you going to make sure that you succeed? From a … [Read more...]

Could your friends be “Professionally Dangerous”?

On the surface, it seems like having friends who are willing to go to bat for your would be a good thing.  Everyone wants friends who will defend them against those who wish them harm.  But sometimes this can be taken too far, especially on the internet where anonymity makes many people more bold and outspoken than normal. This post was inspired by a thread I was following recently on an online forum.  The OP submitted a lengthy rant about how … [Read more...]

Is live blogging the new black?

This idea just occurred to me the other day as I was making my morning rounds, checking up on my favorite blogs.  One that I’ve been following religiously for some time is Eventing Nation.  This past weekend was an important one on the sport of eventing because it was the 50th anniversary running of the Burghley CCI**** event in England.  Not only is this one of the largest and most challenging competitions in the world, but this year it is … [Read more...]

The ‘quake Heard ‘Round the World: A look at Social News Sharing

Nothing sets the social media abuzz like a natural disaster, right?  Yesterday marked a first experience for me and many others around the area: An earthquake.  The normal reaction in this sort of situation would probably be to crouch under a desk or get to some other secure location.  But here in the office we just turned around in our swivel chairs, looked at each other quizzically, and then immediately updated our Facebook statuses and … [Read more...]

What Marriage Equality can Teach us About Marketing

  By now I’m sure that everyone has heard about the fact that same sex marriage has been legalized in New York and that thousands of couples across the state have now had the opportunity to join in holy, and most importantly, legal matrimony.  Regardless of what your opinion on the subject may be, there is no denying that this is a monumental occasion in US history.   So what does this have to do with marketing?  Well, lots … [Read more...]

Improve the Performance of Your Business with Feng Shui

Is your business not exactly going as well as you would like?  Are you having problems with turnover, or getting tasks accomplished in an efficient manner?  Typical solutions include things like daily and/or weekly meetings, various project management implementations, training, etc.  But one thing that many businesses probably don’t usually consider is that the design and layout of their office space could actually be contributing to their … [Read more...]

Roundup of Marketing Lessons from some Famous Figures

I’ve been noticing this trend for the past few months of different blogs taking marketing lessons from various celebrities and public figures.  What I didn’t realize was just how many of these articles there actually are .  I did a little bit of research and picked out 10 of my favorites.  If nothing else, this should be a fun list, and who knows, you might even learn a thing or two.  So here we go; let’s see what these “experts” have to teach … [Read more...]

Getting Stuff Done Board: Simple Project Management Without Software

This week we implemented a new method of project management... or is it an old one? Despite the fact that the boss is obsessed with trying out new software tools, and that many of us here are very technical people who work with computers all day, we decided to try out a "new tool" to help us manage projects and tasks that isn't really all that new—the whiteboard. We've lovingly dubbed our new whiteboard the "GSD" Board or "Getting Stuff … [Read more...]



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