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Is Adwords Right For Your Company?

You see a lot of different clients and businesses being in the Internet Marketing profession.  You get to know clients who are familiar with their Marketing goals and how they would like to go about getting there, and on the other hand, you see a lot of clients who don’t. 

Adwords for Dummies

One thing that I have noticed over the years of being a Search Engine Marketing Manager is there are business owners out there that do believe Adwords and PPC is a get rich quick method.  They believe that they can pay for keywords and ads to be number one and the next day tripled their sales.

As wonderful as it would be if us SEM Managers could do that for our clients, it is most likely not going to happen like that.  Adwords is the Google management system for your pay-per-click account.  It is a great tool and is very helpful for Search Engine Marketing Managers and regular business owners who take on supervision of their own  PPC campaigns.  But as fantastic of a tool Adwords is, it isn’t for every single business out there.

It’s important that before you start an Adwords campaign and start throwing your money into keywords blindly; to know the search traffic of the products you are selling.  To do this you can see how many people are searching for your products using Google Adwords Traffic Estimator

If there are a lot of people searching for your products preview the CPC or cost-per-click.  You need to decide how much your daily budget will be and what you have to bid to be on the first page of Google results.  If that amount of money is too much for your Internet Marketing budget, you may want to choose other avenues of marketing.

However, you may ask, “what if the PPC competition is very small?”  If close to no one is searching for the products you sell, you might want to think of more general terms to bid on if your products are very specific.  If that still doesn’t help maybe pay-per-click marketing isn’t the Internet Marketing direction you want to take.  Why bid on terms that won’t ultimately gain traffic? Use your efforts elsewhere.

It is so important to remember, if PPC isn’t for your business don’t be discouraged! There are numerous other avenues besides Adwords that you can take via the Internet to gain traffic and grow your business’s brand.  Internet Marketing is hugely about trial and error, and if at first you don’t succeed always try, try, again.

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