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March 30, 2011

Archives for March 2011

Taking a lesson from the SEO Rapper

Keeping content interesting is always a challenge, especially when you’re dealing with an especially dry topic.  While some experts may consider SEO to be fun and fascinating, let’s face it most people visiting your website don’t.  But there are some things that you can do to engage your readers and keep it funky while also getting your message across. A few years back, during a marketing conference, a guy named Chuck was getting ready to … [Read more...]

Bidding on Your Competitor’s Domain Name

Not only is it important to bid on your own trademark terms but it is also a great idea to bid on your competitor’s keywords as well.  There are a lot of questions in to if this is legal, if it’s looked down upon, and whether every company should do it. First bidding on your competitor’s keywords is completely legal.  You are allowed to bid on your competitor’s keywords as long as they have not requested from Google that they be … [Read more...]

What is E-commerce anyway?

These days, whether they’re aware of it or not, just about everyone is affected by E-commerce.  Whether you own a small business or just enjoy the convenience of shopping online, you’re sure to recognize the vast importance of this industry. The term E-commerce is simply defined as the exchange of products or services over some type of electronic system (such as the internet).  We all know what it is, but simply might not refer to it by its … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing via SXSW

If you have any involvement in Social Media, Music, or Technology, chances are you’ve been hearing a lot about South by Southwest (sxsw) recently.  I’ve heard about this event in the past, but wasn’t sure exactly what it was, so I decided to do a little investigation. South by Southwest is an annual Music Festival and Media Conference which is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2011.  It offers a unique outlet for like-minded individuals to … [Read more...]



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